All Lols Are Grey - Levinhurst and the return of Dempsey...

Started by Pierrig, October 07, 2006, 17:28:32

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Not exactly a Cure news, but strongly related...

Levinhurst (Lol and his wife Cindy) are ready to unveil their new album, "House by the Sea". To make us wait more patiently, Lol has decided to release an EP called "The Grey EP", available for download on October 17. And guess what song is featured on this EP? All Cats Are Grey! And another nugget for Cure fans: A remix by Mike Dempsey himself!
Do we have some "old-school" Cure rebirth here?

Coming October 17, 2006
The Grey EP
All Cats Are Grey   
Never Going To Dream Again (Imaginary Boy Mix By Michael Dempsey)   
Heart and Soul (Version

More information available at and

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