That one time Robert played with The Stranglers

Started by BiscuityBoyle, April 11, 2020, 13:29:45

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QuoteOn November 1, 1979, Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwell was arrested for possession of drugs and, the following spring, was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment, on the eve of the band's latest tour. A Far Eastern visit was canceled, but a pair of shows at London's Rainbow Theatre went ahead, with the absent vocalist/guitarist replaced by a plethora of guest stars -- the Cure's Robert Smith and Mathieu Hartley, Robert Fripp, Steel Pulse's Basil Gabbidon, the Skids' Richard Jobson, the Pink Fairies' Larry Wallis, and more were all on hand to transform what could have been a very somber occasion indeed into a wild celebration of the Stranglers' story so far.

Robert plays the guitar on two cuts off the first Stranglers album, in a performance most notable for how annoying Hazel O'Connor - "hugh cornwells bird at the time" as someone helpfully explains in the comment section - is on vocals. Still, all for a good cause.

Mathieu Hartley contributes keyboards to Bear Cage, an off-album single I never rated particularly highly, yet it's rendered entertaining here by Ian Dury.

The original versions. God I love Hugh's voice.