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QuoteFormer Brexit minister Lord Frost says he left his government position because he could not support Boris Johnson's "coercive policies on Covid".

QuoteTwelve months since the trade deal with which Britain left the European Union, what impact has it had on the economy? Covid makes it impossible to be sure, but it's much harder to spot Brexit benefits than costs.
Some of the effect will not be clearer until import customs are applied. Some larger companies have adapted. But haulage and hotels are short staffed. And for small food exporters, the paperwork and the costs have been mounting up.
The true economic impact could take many years to see. Meanwhile, many companies will wait for the UK to resolve its internal differences about the direction of Brexit.

I went back to some of those most affected, to find out how things look a year on.

At the Crieff Hydro family-owned family of 11 hotels, proprietor Stephen Leckie says no-one in the industry realised it would be "this bad".

He says the tone of Brexit has discouraged European visitors from visiting, but the direct impact is in staffing.

Covid has taken away a large chunk of his custom; pre-Christmas group bookings were down by more than half on the normal level before Omicron hit, and now they're down to below a quarter.

But even if he could attract the custom, he doesn't have the staff.
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