Jokes about The Cure

Started by dsanchez, December 18, 2018, 23:02:45

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We thought of something silly:  What if we put an accent over the e of the band title?  The CurĂ© - puts an entirely different spin on it.  Something Weird Al might do... :angel

We have both read Peaches for Monsieur le Curé - so that's probably where that hails back to...
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OK, so yesterday Brett had an idea that I think qualifies as a Cure joke.  He thinks that all the past members of The Cure not currently in the band ought to get together as a band and call themselves Prevention.  Why Prevention?  Because Prevention is better than The Cure... :angel
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Another about The Cure vs The Smiths

2022.10.06 Riga
2022.10.08 Helsinki
2022.10.10 Stockholm
2022.10.12 Oslo
2022.10.14 Copenhagen


A shallow grave
a monument to the ruined age


If you have a look at the official website from the band, they've put out masks with what qualifies as Cure jokes on them.  :winking_tongue

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