2009.02.26 London - O2 Arena 'The Shockwaves NME Awards Big Gig' (England)

Started by dsanchez, November 04, 2008, 11:36:36

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Just checked Ticketmaster, mine have been dispatched. I'm in the UK, will post when they arrive so you all have a rough idea of when to expect yours.


I recieved mine 2 days ago (they got sent out last Thursday) so hopefully everyone should be getting theirs soon :).


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See www.thecure.com - still tickets :-)

The tickets at thecure.com are for the concert on 25th (the awards), not this one.

All links have been already published here

http://curefans.com/index.php/topic,5746.0.html (http://curefans.com/index.php/topic,5746.0.html)

oeps, sorry, my mistake :-)
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I'm amazed this hasn't hit the thread already but...

"Please read on for further information regarding your tickets for the Big Gig/The Cure at The O2 on 26 February.

We understand you have purchased these tickets from Trinity St, but Trinity St has not fulfilled this transaction and delivered these tickets to you. It appears that Trinity St has now ceased trading and, as of Monday 16th February, was very likely to go into administration. Please note that Trinity St has not accounted to us for any of these ticket monies, and therefore your ticket purchases are invalid.

You may wish to apply directly to the administrators of Trinity St for a refund of your ticket monies (we set out their address below). However, we appreciate that this may take some time and may well not be successful. Alternatively, you may seek to claim a refund of your monies through your credit/debit card company. We also set out some information on this below.

In the meantime, we have managed to make available to you for purchase similar floor standing tickets (as per your original order) which we will hold for you till Saturday 21st February at 6pm. Please use the BUY link and unique passcode, listed below, if you wish to purchase these tickets while you are going through the claims process. This passcode is unique to you and not transferable. Please ensure you use the same postal address for delivery as your original order as any other orders will unfortunately be cancelled. "

(Trinity Direct who dealt with the presale tickets have gone into administration)

Have had to re-purchase tickets....


here's the rest of the info - not much cop if you still wnt to stand and have no money...

"If you feel you are not in a position whereby you are able to afford to purchase the tickets that have been held for you, we have a limited number of complimentary tickets in the rear seated blocks on Tier 400. If you would like to apply for these tickets, please send your request to enquiries@aeglive.co.uk including all of the following information: name, address, date of transaction, no. of tickets purchased from Trinity St, and method of payment by Friday 20th February at 6pm at the latest. We will confirm back to you by 12 noon on Monday 23rd February if your request can be fulfilled. We will try to accommodate as many such requests as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, please bear in mind that the location of these complimentary tickets is towards the back of the arena in the top level, seated, and not standing tickets as per your original request."


its a shame but at least i was able to repurchase my tickets.
companies go bust every day at the moment.....


ask sth?
in ticketmaster, in my account, it says somewhere:

Tmuk Overseas Post, ,
23/01/09 - 23:00

does this mean that i'll get mine on the 23th ??

thnx =)
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The runtime for the event is as follows: (please note, all times are approximates and are subject to change)

Doors - 18:30
White Lies - 18:50
Interval - 19:20
Chrystal Castles - 19:35
Interval - 20:10
Franz Ferdinand - 20:25
Interval - 21:10
The Cure - 21:30
Finish - 23:00

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Got this update today -  :lol:


Original Purchases are now Valid.

We are extremely pleased to be able to inform you that we have found a solution with Trinity Street, the providers of your pre-sale tickets, that will now allow your original purchase of Big Gig tickets featuring The Cure to remain valid. These tickets will be despatched to you on Monday, by registered post. Please note that they will need to be signed for upon delivery.

If you have already re-purchased tickets via the link and password we supplied to you, we will automatically have these tickets cancelled and your repurchase monies refunded to you in full, including all transaction fees. If you purchased replacement tickets via any other source, or direct to the Ticketmaster site, please contact us at enquiries@aeglive.co.uk with your purchase details and we will arrange to have these refunded.

If you requested complimentary tickets this order will now be cancelled as your original tickets are on their way to you.

Please do not continue with any claims from your payment card provider, there is no need to request a refund as your original tickets are on their way to you.*

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that you may have experienced. The unexpected demise of Trinity Street so close to the concert and the resultant financial issues led us to initiate a repurchase and refund process. However NME and AEG Live have been working non-stop to find a resolution and we are pleased to be able to end the week with this great news.

So please do look forward to receiving your tickets and of course we hope that you enjoy The Big Gig itself.

See you on Thursday!

NME & AEG Live

* Please note that if your credit card company does provide you with a refund then we will need to contact you directly to re-charge for the gig tickets.


Ticket update for the pre-sale fans:

(I recieved tickets on Monday without having to sign for them, so was a bit nervous about them being the valid tix)

"The tickets that re-purchased have been cancelled and refunded for you. The set that you received yesterday appear to be these on as we did not send out the valid ones until yesterday afternoon so you could not have received those until today at the earliest.

Your valid tickets will arrive with a letter in enclosed advising that they are indeed the valid one."

I'm hopining that they arrive on Wednesday!!


So irritated :(.

My friend can't get off work on Thursday so we're not even leaving peterborough till about 5.30! Meaning we won't get to london till 7.30, MEANING we then have to catch a cab to the 02 from parking, because lets face it,there's going to be no parking left by 7.30 is there. Which is a 12/13 minute drive according to websites.
So we won't even get there till about 8 :(

How easy do people think it's gonna be to push our way forward?
I'm NOT being right at the back while the cure are on, I'll have a B.F!

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