New Wave Top 100 - Radio Nostalgie (B)

Started by Trust..., December 23, 2009, 08:44:54

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Wie zin heeft in een lijstje NEW WAVE :rocker

Vandaag op radio Nostalgie in België van 8.30 u tot 18.00 u. (voor de ontvangst, zie link beneden)

Voor de Nederlanders online luisteren kan natuurlijk ook hé  :-D

Enjoy  ;)
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x


En de lijst :rocker

6x The Cure en op 1  :smth023

1  Cure  A Forest
2  Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart
3  Anne Clark  Our Darkness
4  NEW ORDER  Blue monday
5  Human League  Being Boiled
6  Red Zebra  I Can't Live In A Livingroom
7  KILLING JOKE  Love like blood
8  Grauzone  Eisbaer
9  Liaison Dangereuses  Los Ninos Del Parque
10  GARY NUMAN And TUBEWAY ARMY  Are friends electric?
11  VISAGE  Fade to grey
12  Depeche Mode  Just Can't Get Enough
13  Sisters Of Mercy And Ofra Haza  Temple Of Love (1992)
14  HUMAN LEAGUE  Don't you want me
15  INXS  Need you tonight
16  Kraftwerk  The Model
17  1000 Ohm  A.G.N.E.S.
18  Fad Gadget  Collapsing New People
19  BLONDIE  Call me
20  SECRET SERVICE  Flash in the night
22  OMD(Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark  Electricity
23  SIMPLE MINDS  Don't you (forget about me)
24  Soft Cell  Tainted Love
25  TC Matic  O La La La
27  CURE  Close to me
28  Trans-X  Living On Video
29  YAZOO  Situation
30  DAVID BOWIE  Fashion
31  Talk Talk  Such A Shame
32  P.I.L.  This Is Not A Love Song
33  Department S  Is Vic There?
34  Allez Allez  Allez Allez
35  Adam And The Ants  Stand And Deliver
36  Animation  Obsession
37  Heaven 17  Temptation
38  Talking Heads  Slippery People [Live]
39  BLONDIE  Denis
40  FLASH And THE PAN  Midnight man
41  ICEHOUSE  Hey little girl
42  HUMAN LEAGUE  Mirror man
43  Luc Van Acker And Anna Domino  Zanna
44  Men Without Hats  The Safety Dance [12'']
45  Real Life  Send Me An Angel
46  Simple Minds  Alive And Kicking
47  Spandau Ballet  To Cut A Long Story Short
48  TEARS FOR FEARS  Everybody wants to rule the world
49  CURE  In between days
51  Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Two Tribes (Cowboys And Indians)
52  Generation X  Dancing With Myself
53  NACHT UND NEBEL  Beats of Love
54  Yello  Bostich
55  POLICE  Don't stand so close to me
56  Simple Minds  Theme For Great Cities
57  CHINA CRISIS  Wishful thinking
58  Fischer Z  So Long
59  DEPECHE MODE  People are people
60  Peter Schilling  Major Tom
61  Scooter  You
62  DAVID BOWIE  Ashes to ashes
63  Gary Numan  Cars
64  Heaven 17  Let Me Go
65  Smiths  Bigmouth Strikes Again
66  Yazoo  Don't Go
67  Cure  Friday I'm In Love
68  A Flock Of Seagulls  I Ran
69  BOW WOW WOW  Do you wanna hold me
70  Jah Wobble Jaki Liebezeit And Holger Czukay  How Much Are They?
71  RHEINGOLD  Dreiklangsdimensionen
72  Talking Heads  Psycho Killer
73  Telex  Moskow Discow
74  Ultravox  Vienna
75  Blondie  One Way Or Another
76  HOWARD JONES  What is love ?
77  Iggy Pop  The Passenger
78  Kraftwerk  The Robots
79  SOFT CELL  Torch
80  Split Enz  Message To My Girl
81  TALK TALK  It's my life
82  CURE  Boys don't cry
83  STRANGLERS  Golden brown
84  Thompson Twins  In The Name Of Love
85  XTC  Senses Working Overtime
87  MIDGE URE  If i was
88  YELLO  I love you
89  DEPECHE MODE  Master and servant
90  FALCO  Der kommissar
91  CURE  Lullaby
92  HUMAN LEAGUE  Love action
93  Simple Minds  New Gold Dream
94  Talking Heads  Once In A Lifetime
95  CARS  You might think
96  Police  Spirits In The Material World
97  KRAFTWERK  Radioactivity
98  Thomas Dolby  She Blinded Me With Science
99  ULTRAVOX  Reap the wild wind
100  Bow Wow Wow  The Man Mountain

Top 100 Lijsten
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Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x


En blijkbaar opnieuw vandaag :rocker

Volg link hierboven  8)
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x


Het lijstje is een beetje door elkaar geschud maar nr 1 blijft nummer 1 :rocker

De New Wave Top 100
Met Stefan en Serge!

1  The Cure A Forest Live :rocker  
2  Anne Clark  Our Darkness
3  Joy Division  Love Will Tear Us Apart
4  Depeche Mode  Just Can't Get Enough [Live]
5  Human League  Being Boiled
6  KILLING JOKE  Love like blood
7  Sisters Of Mercy And Ofra Haza  Temple Of Love (1992)
8  VISAGE  Fade to grey
9  Grauzone  Eisbaer
10  NEW ORDER  Blue monday
11  Red Zebra  I Can't Live In A Livingroom
12  Kraftwerk  The Model
13  Fad Gadget  Collapsing New People
15  GARY NUMAN And TUBEWAY ARMY  Are friends electric?
16  Liaison Dangereuses  Los Ninos Del Parque
17  Talking Heads  Once In A Lifetime
18  NACHT UND NEBEL  Beats of Love
19  Department S  Is Vic There?
20  Luc Van Acker And Anna Domino  Zanna
21  1000 Ohm  A.G.N.E.S.
22  Soft Cell  Tainted Love
23  Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Two Tribes [12'' Carnage Mix]
24  P.I.L.  This Is Not A Love Song
25  Men Without Hats  The Safety Dance [12'']
26  Spandau Ballet  To Cut A Long Story Short
27  CURE  Close to me :rocker
28  Ultravox  Vienna
29  Peter Schilling  Major Tom
30  DEPECHE MODE  People are people
31  Heaven 17  Temptation
32  RHEINGOLD  Dreiklangsdimensionen
33  Jah Wobble Jaki Liebezeit And Holger Czukay  How Much Are They?
34  Iggy Pop  The Passenger
35  YELLO  I love you
36  CURE  Boys don't cry :rocker
37  XTC  Senses Working Overtime
38  Generation X  Dancing With Myself
39  DEPECHE MODE  Master and servant
40  HUMAN LEAGUE  Love action
41  CURE  Lullaby :rocker
42  Simple Minds  New Gold Dream
43  HUMAN LEAGUE  Don't you want me
44  TC Matic  Oh La La La
45  DAVID BOWIE  Fashion
47  OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)  Electricity
48  Adam And The Ants  Stand And Deliver
49  BLONDIE  Call me
50  Heaven 17  Let Me Go [12'']
51  HUMAN LEAGUE  Mirror man
52  Talking Heads  Slippery People [Live]
53  Allez Allez  Allez Allez
54  Gary Numan  Cars
55  CURE  In between days :rocker
56  Talk Talk  Such A Shame
57  CHINA CRISIS  Wishful thinking
58  POLICE  Don't stand so close to me
59  Yello  Bostich
60  FLASH And THE PAN  Midnight man
61  Simple Minds  Alive And Kicking
62  Fischer Z  So Long
63  Yazoo  Don't Go [12'']
64  Scooter  You
65  Trans-X  Living On Video
66  TEARS FOR FEARS  Everybody wants to rule the world
67  Cure  Friday I'm In Love :rocker
68  Telex  Moskow Diskow
69  Kraftwerk  The Robots
70  STRANGLERS  Golden brown
71  Smiths  Bigmouth Strikes Again
72  Yazoo  Situation [12'']
73  Simple Minds  Theme For Great Cities
74  FALCO  Der kommissar
75  BLONDIE  Denis
76  INXS  Need you tonight
77  BOW WOW WOW  Do you wanna hold me
78  Thomas Dolby  She Blinded Me With Science
79  DAVID BOWIE  Ashes to ashes
80  A Flock Of Seagulls  I Ran
81  Talking Heads  Psycho Killer
82  HOWARD JONES  What is love ?
84  Real Life  Send Me An Angel
85  Simple Minds  Don't You (Forget About Me) [12'']
86  Police  Spirits In The Material World
87  KRAFTWERK  Radioactivity
89  ICEHOUSE  Hey little girl
90  SECRET SERVICE  Flash in the night
91  SOFT CELL  Torch
92  Bow Wow Wow  The Man Mountain
93  CARS  You might think
94  Blondie  One Way Or Another
95  Split Enz  Message To My Girl
96  ULTRAVOX  Reap the wild wind
97  TALK TALK  It's my life
98  MIDGE URE  If i was
99  Thompson Twins  In The Name Of Love
100  Animation  Obsession
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x