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Started by dsanchez, July 11, 2007, 00:34:22

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And another article about "Dune", but this time the old version (1984):

QuoteLynch disavowed Dune – it's the one movie he wishes he had never made. He wasn't alone: Dune was regarded as a baroque disaster for years: unintelligible and absurd.

But as the second half of Denis Villeneuve's slicker, sleeker take on the Herbert novel dominates the global box office, it is fair to say that the 1984 movie is no longer perceived as a disaster for the ages. Many have a sneaking fondness for it, blemishes and all. These include its star Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the Timothée Chalamet role of boy prophet Paul Atreides. "I look at it as a flawed gem," he told IndieWire in 2020. "It's stunning in so many ways."

Lynch never got over not having final cut. He had pushed for a three-hour run-time. Dino De Laurentis, mindful of the realities of the cinema business, insisted on two hours, and the movie that reached the screen in a truncated 137 minutes. It's widely regarded as incomprehensible to those coming fresh to Herbert's intricate universe. Still, Dune 1984 remains singular – only Lynch could have made it. 

I saw this back in the day (when we still had a cinema in this town) and liked it. I had no idea who Lynch was or what critics said, I just saw the trailer and decided to watch this sci-fi movie!  :cool
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A film from the past "caught up" with me - The Rosary Murders from 1987. I watched the original English version online yesterday and the day before. So far I only knew the German version from TV, which is also good, if not better. The only annoying thing is the many commercial breaks. That's why I only watched the first 40 minutes and then the rest. Still absolutely worth seeing.  :angel

Quote from: WikipediaIn 1978, Kienzle published the first, and best known of the Father Robert Koesler mystery novels The Rosary Murders which was made into a movie in 1987, starring Donald Sutherland as Father Koesler. The screenplay was co-written by Kienzle with Elmore Leonard and Fred Walton, who also directed the film. The Rosary Murders, like most of Kienzle's mysteries, is set in Detroit, Michigan.
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Quote from: MeltingMan on May 02, 2024, 10:59:46The Rosary Murders from 1987. Still absolutely worth seeing.

Thanks, sounds interesting, will watch out for it.  :cool
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I watch movies on ..., it has all movies from 2000 - 2024


Quote from: Ronner on June 19, 2024, 20:17:27I watch movies on ..., it has all movies from 2000 - 2024

Be that as it may, this topic is about your top movies & recommendations, not where you watch 'em!
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Jeff Nichols, an excellent author & director, has returned with "The Bikeriders".

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