Tips to tape a concert

Started by nausearockpig, August 12, 2007, 11:07:03

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i was also thinking whether it might be some sort of a battery box/mics compatibility issue.
like already said, there's not "too much bass" on your recording (besides that would never be a problem - whereas too little bass always would be a problem). the bass is distorted (and without levels having been too high) which is a different thing altogether. 

would be best to find out what battery boxes are recommended with giant squid mics.
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I think I just had to follow the manual and test my mics before in another concert. I don't know when I can get to see the Cranes again :cry:

Anyway, I will tape some random band and will be back with the results.
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I've taped Mogwai in Paris yesterday (mics connected directly to the iRiver, no battery box used), here's attached the result.

I think is OK. Almost all the recording sounds good, just in a couple of songs (the loudest ones) the audio is a bit distorted but I think is because I was (again) close to the right speaker on the stage. So guys, never be close to the stage if you want a perfect recording :P
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