Hello from Johnson City, TN and a question.....

Started by BatVomit, July 15, 2017, 10:23:52

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I don't know if I'm actually new, as it said I already had an account.  I don't remember ever opening an account, but anyway....

I have loved the Cure since 1987.  I was active in the Cure fan community for many years, seen the Cure many times, met many lovely people....Most of this was made possible through a fanclub/fanzine called Other Voices. 

Back in the day, when there was no internet or wireless, a Cure fan could be quite isolated.  Through Other Voices, I made many wonderful friendships, a lot of which still last to this day.  Unfortunately, there are a few that I have lost touch with.  So, my question is:  Are there any former members of Other Voices in this community?  I am also interested in connecting with other Cure fans in general, but especially in my neck of the woods.  It seems like I am one of the only ones left.


I heard about this fanclub althought I never belonged there. I am sure there are some people in this forum who were there, but I am not sure if they are still around. In any case, welcome to Curefans.com and hope to see you around often! :)

P.S. Curefans.com is 12 years old this year. The activity has decreased a lot due current social networks (FB, etc.) but people always come to check or post in the site from time to time.
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Yes, I was a member of Other Voices. Also in the same region of the country...Kentucky, USA.
I remember a few other members but mostly through Friendship Books when I was a penpal in the late 80's and early 90's