Old Cure Tapes - Can you convert them to disc/DVD?

Started by the thread of a dream, April 25, 2019, 18:28:27

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the thread of a dream

I have The Cure Play Out on tape, but I was watching it recently and it got chewed up in two places of the tape (which was incredibly annoying), and resulted in me screwing off the top of the vhs player - thanks to my now un-trustworthy player. But I was wondering, yes I know if I was to convert it, it would be a bit fuzzy in the sections it got mangled in, but would it still be okay for converting it? I know I could've asked a tape converter shop 'person' (?!), but his shop is quiet far from where I am, and I'd have to drive out. Any advice? I really wish the band would re-release on dvd but...
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Well, you could watch it directly on YouTube:


Or you can download the full VHS>DVD from here (normally we don't share any links to download official recordings on this forum; but since 'Show', 'Play Out', 'Picture Show' and 'In Orange'  are only available in VHS or LaserDisc I suppose an exception can be made)
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the thread of a dream

 Oh thank you! I could only find some snippets awhile ago- but it is annoying as I can't enjoy the sound the same as on the tape. But thank you though :)
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