Siouxsie 2023 in concert and a reissue of "Mantaray"

Started by carl17, December 27, 2022, 03:19:01

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Cruel World Festival this Saturday May 20: new tickets are available on their website. Tickets


Siouxsie's concert at Cruel World Festival in Pasadena is rescheduled tonight, Sunday May 21.
The promoters announced it early this morning. Siouxsie will play an extended set.

Twitter news

QuoteAfter lightning nixed the artist's first (and only) U.S. gig in 15 years, Siouxsie returned the next day with renditions of "Israel," "Happy House," and more

QuoteAs the sky darkened, Siouxsie, who shed the Banshees long ago, appeared onstage, sounding a bit peeved at the cautious fire department the night before. "I was trying to tell them it's part of our f*cking light show," she exclaimed, clad in a shimmering metallic jumpsuit.
It's a perfect day for letting go...