The Cure in Primavera Sound Buenos Aires?

Started by Darkirulo, May 18, 2023, 02:07:55

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November 25 & 26
Primavera Sound in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The rumour is strong
Is known that the south american tour it'll be in november and december.
Does anyone have any information on this?


The info was leaked from the ticket site (Enigma Tickets). Not sure if they (Enigma) leaked the info by mistake or on purpose (to get people buying tickets in hope The Cure will be finally confirmed). Yes, it seems likely that The Cure will play this festival considering the band has already played at Primavera Sound Barcelona back in 2012 plus it would be easier in terms of logistics I suppose, but I would not buy any ticket until confirmed by The Cure through the official channels.

I hope for Argentinian fans that The Cure will play elsewhere because at the moment of writing this, tickets for the two-days of Primavera Sound Buenos Aires were about USD 300 which is way too expensive for the average fan.
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