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Started by dsanchez, February 15, 2007, 20:21:36

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I notice some users of are already working on posting new articles, however it seems some are not considering how big are the images they are publishing :)

We can't just take a big picture and suddenly upload it to our blog because:

1) The image will look too big
2) The image file will have too much weight
3) Hence, the image will take longer to load.

What to do?

If we have a big picture, you can resize it with any program. Here we want to recommend Irfanview (

So the steps to upload an image to your blog would be

1) Install and run Irfanview
2) Open your image there
3) Resize it by going to Image > Resize/Resample
4) Set a width no bigger than 450 (recommended)
5) Save the file with another name (to keep your original file) and with the format JPEG or JPG (which is the right for photos)

5) Go to your blog admin (where xxx is the user you create for your blog)
6) Go to Write > Write post and under this, upload your optimized image

If you already use another image editor program, you can skip to the step 5, but do not forget: optimize your image. It will look really nice on your blog!
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