2006-07-01 Peter Murphy & NIN [Q101 Chicago Radio Session] [MX] [FLAC]

Started by japanesebaby, September 25, 2007, 23:37:51

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here's a really nice little session, NIN & peter murphy playing JD. excellent sound quality.  :smth023

QuotePeter Murphy with Nine Inch Nails - Q101 Chicago Radio Session

July 1st 2006, First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

01. Dead Souls (originally by Joy Division)
02. Twenty-Four Hours (originally by Joy Division)
03. Warsaw (originally by Joy Division)
04. Atmosphere (originally by Joy Division)

Story: "These soundboard rips were made available by zoethebulldog, who got them through a friend that has a friend at the radio station."


please do not re-distribute/re-upload in lossy format (mp3, ogg etc.).
share freely in lossless. thanks.

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Think I might already have this one but I'm going to get it anyways.