65 Days Of Static - 2008.03.12 Paris [HD 0, M.H. MASTER] [24-bit] *part 2b*

Started by japanesebaby, April 03, 2008, 21:29:04

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*curefans.com exclusive part 2b*

65 Days of Static (opening for The Cure)
Date: 2008-03-12
Location: Paris, FR
Venue: Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy
Source: audience
Quality: very good
Taper: M.H.
Equipment/Lineage: Audio Technica ES943/O x 2 (SP-CMC-8 omnis; head-mounted) >  SP-SPSB-8 (no bass roll-off) > Edirol R-09 (48/24) > USB > HD > Peak 4 (edit) > FLAC (Encoded to FLAC and SBEs fixed with xACT)

Please note: the tracks were NOT split with CD Wave so they are not split on sector boundaries. This means that if you should for some reason decide to convert this version to 16-bit later, you MUST remember to fix the SBEs!

*do not sell
*do not convert to mp3/other lossy format
*please circulate this info file (unedited) together with this recording
*please do not remaster/EQ without permission


Set list:

Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
Await Rescue
I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
Fix The Sky A Little
A Failsafe
Reatreat! Retreat!
Radio Protector

Total time: 00:41:33
Size:  520 MB


Recorded in front of speakers, from the left side, approximately 10 meters from the stage. Unlike in some other Cure shows I went on 4Tour, the floor was already pretty crowded when the support band came on stage. And unfortunately lots of people were not paying much attention to the band but just chatting away. And especially some extra dumb chatty girls on my right: the louder the band played, the louder they shouted and practically babbled continuously throughout the set. One of them kept standing with her back turned to the stage and thus facing me and unfortunately shouting directly towards my right mic.
Sorry for that. Anyway I didn't want to risk being thrown out of the venue for punching them in the face (which they would have deserved). Sorry for not bothering to do the right thing - but alas, then you wouldn't have my Cure recording.

The set list is copy/pasted from an info file of another recording of this show. I can't guarantee it's correct.
The intro tape(?) in the beginning of their set is slightly cut as I was still setting up my rig when they came on stage.

Otherwise quite good sound, although not my best 65 dos recording from this tour. After seeing them several times on this tour i really don't think they are at their best on big arenas like Bercy: they can turn out very boomy, very bassy. They are very loud but they easily just "noisy-loud", details get a bit drowned. I've heard from people who've seen them on club surroundings that they do sound a lot better there. I'm not surprised. Of course my position in the crowds might not have been ideal for taping them this night either. Anyway, I think the sound gets a bit better towards the end of the set. 

Hope you enjoy this recording. 

Please share you Cure masters from 4Tour !

like with the cure set, please enjoy this show but please don't e-upload this show on torrent trackers etc just yet.
please do credit curefans.com for this show.



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a counterpart for the cure set and a part 2b for the "curefans.com exclusive" series.

available in both 16-bit and 24-bit. if you look for audio cd quality/want to burn an audio cd from the flac files, download 16-bit version (which is of audio cd standards, 44.1 Hz/16-bit).

hope some of you enjoy this little show.
Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine


Quote from: japanesebaby on April 03, 2008, 21:29:04
And unfortunately lots of people were not paying much attention to the band but just chatting away.

Or insulting. I was very close to the stage and I remember very clear someone shouting to the band "Stop your f*cking music" :?
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Thanks a lot, definitely a more full sound than the version on Dime.


>Or insulting. I was very close to the stage and I remember very clear someone shouting to the band "Stop your f*cking >music"

Gosh, some people are amazingly rude!
Give the guys a chance - they've got to start somewhere.
(I thought 65dos did very well, and actually enjoyed their set.)
Thanks for making this available for download!

I think I posted before, about Wembley - the couple who sat behind us whined and complained loudly ALL the way through the Cure's performance. (My hubby was all for punching the guy on the nose, as he was being sooo noisy and irritating!  :roll:)
I can't understand folk who pay good money to go to the show, only to talk, (or shout), all the way through it - it really spoils it for others who actually would like to listen to the music. (If they hated it so much, why on earth didn't they go out to the bar or something, where they could carry on their conversation - which was obviously more important to them than enjoying the show! Grrr.)
Hubby tried to take a short video on his cell phone, but it was useless. All we could hear over the music was the constant droning of the guy behind us - "Oh, why play that, it's awful. Robert looks awful. What does Porl's guitar sound like - it's awful..."  :smth070

When I was at the Oslo show, some idiot kept shouting out, "Robert!" all the way through 65 dos's set. The guitarist actually thought the bloke was shouting, "Rubbish!"
Shame, really.

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