Calling All Melbourne (Australia) Fans....

Started by ~*CherryRed*~, September 06, 2008, 02:24:52

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Quote from: nausearockpig on September 08, 2008, 04:00:52
i wonder if someone who knows about IP addresses can hlep in the count.
Cherry: i reckon just spam everyone in the entire address book LOL!!!

Hmm, yeah - that sounds like a great idea, but alas I'm crap with that kinda thing! I've been searching thru the "intro yourself" topic reading the posts searching for aussies... I got to pg 19 and got fed up with it!!! LOL... I have sent a message to 2 of the Melb. people that I know of!
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Quote from: kissingcrimson on September 08, 2008, 04:19:38
hellloooo!!!! WOW!!! I've been gone for ages! Thankyou for directing me to this topic! Gosh I've missed you all! This sounds awesome, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is suffering! Eli, great idea!!

kind of embarrassing...but on the anniversary of the concert, i put on my tour t shirt and walked past Rod Laver arena...and sighed...felt like crying!

Let's see what we can do!

HEELLLOOOO Miss M!! Where the hell have you been??? Anyways, glad you got my little message about this - I sent one to Lee-Anne also (aka billee). Lets really try and make this a reality hey? And although you 'donated' your Tee to a good cause (ie: giving it to Mr Smith), you will have to get yourself another one OK!! LOL - I can't organise this thing, I'm to much of a control freak and bossy to boot!
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I was on the other side of the world for a few months...and stuck in a quagmire of uni and boring work related things...a little bit braindead..but alive! haha!

How have you been??

well, I'm a terrible planner too, where do we start??
we need:

A date
A venue
A (competent) DJ
and lots of Cure fans

hmm has anyone ever planned a big Cure get together before? ( calls out to the european cure party organisers).

anyoone who has tips and ideas is welcome to assist :)

being a Melburnite...I guess I should snoop around see what i can bring back to the table

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Quote from: nausearockpig on September 08, 2008, 00:55:37
i meant members of

yeah, i know what u meant, javier  :smth023

..In response.. maybe the guys who organised the 'European Parties'.. ? can advise?

I am tied up at the moment.. literally.. BUT I know quite a few curefans, who are not members of this forum.. hhmm..

As far as venue: maybe retro/private/smallish and/or private room.. ?
As far as DJ.. : I'm not sure  :(
.. that goes for costs per head, etc..

I DO know however a function room attatched to a very centralised venue.. can cater in many ways to about 100 people, with dance floor, hire of D.J., full Bar etc.. very close to melbourne city centre for those out-of-towners.. 

( just send me a P.M. )

with hope  :smth020

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Well if Aussies are keen for this, I can organise it in Tassie no prob's. There is a local nightclub in Devonport (which is where the boat comes in, so easy for mainlanders to come in cars if so desired!) that would be perfect... I would just hire the place for an evening. So costs would literally just be for that, hire of the place and possibly bar staff. I guess I would handle the DJing, or if someone else wanted to do that!? Although I think scatcats idea sounds real promising!

Miss M - I heard about your trip over seas, when I was still on gayspace, you mentioned it! Hope you had a great time! I'm doing particularily well at present, so I won't jinx it by going on about it LOL!

I'm not fussed about getting this organised really... I just didn't want to come across as to controlling, as is my want you see! I wanted everyone interested to feel like they have an investment in this, so they feel part of it... hmm, thats sounds really wanky! What I am most concerned about is turn out for it. There is no point going to all this trouble for a handful of people. I worry that 5 people will end up paying something stupid like $200 entry fee each for a nightout!!!
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I'm still keen!!  In fact this is sounding quite exciting!!  The only thing that would stop me would be cost...I'd suggest holding it in Sydney but anything anywhere near the city is ridiculously expensive (a friend was recently quoted $15,000 for a private room on a Fri night...)
And Cherry, I for one don't have any problems with relinquishing a little bit of control - just tell me where I need to be and when and if you need a hand with anything  :smth023
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Oh crap, this sounds like a complete blast. But I'm in Adelaide and there's no chance I could get any more time off work. Plus, I just got back from Melbourne last weekend. Arrghh  :x I wish I could go... Maybe it could be a yearly thing perhaps??


a yearly meeting during a temperate time of year might be more suitable for non-Melbournites too!!! something to consider given the cost of getting to such a thing from the rest of the countries.

Maybe think about stretching this over to too? unless ridiculous rivalries come into play...

Though I would find it unlikely that there would be many or any australian members who wouldn't be part of  or maybe that's just me...


Hey nausea, that might be a splendid idea - I have no problem with asking other forum people to join in, after all we're all Cure-ites aren't we! I didn't even know existed! I had a quick look. If your in there already nausea, would it be possible for you to see what kind of interest there is in there about a Cure Party - get together whatever you wanna call it. Also I would love love love for this to become a yearly event. I think it would be smashing for us all to have a Cure Convention! LOL - that may be reaching for the stars perhaps, but you never can tell. Upon thinking about sues' comment, maybe Sydney would be the spot to hold it, as it is in the middle so to speak... if it was to become a yearly event, then people can plan ahead and save etc... etc... also it could move around the States/Territories. Thats an excellent excuse for me to travel around Oz at any rate!!

So people, now what! I have no experience in this kinda thing.   :smth100
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yeah i'm a member there, i'll put feelers out and let you know..


hey there CherryRed : if it seems that to hold it in Tassie is a cheaper alternative.. as well as organising it.. I would travel.. for God's sake, it's just a ferry ride away, and a most beautiful time of year to be doing this there, if all things are easier..

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