[25.04.09] 50 Imaginary Years-The Cure Live Band Karaoke + After Party in Berlin

Started by wilco, February 16, 2009, 23:54:10

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It is that time again! The night that all The Cure fans have been waiting for!

"A Further Strange Night - 50 Imaginary Years!"

On April 25 we will celebrate the 50th birthday of The Cure Frontman, Robert Smith, with a Live Concert featuring The Cure Cover Band "Cureproject" integrating The Cure Live Band Karaoke und naturally a Party that will last until the wee hours of the morning!

Just like the previous year we will be celebrating the Sound, the Look und the Feeling that is The Cure! The music will be provided by out resident Cure experts Wilco, DJ Ørlög  as well as a guest DJ.
They will delve deep into the their collections to play not only all the "Hits" but those rarities, b-sides, remixes and little gems that will get you reminising about the past but most importantly get you onto the dance floor.

Naturally, you can expect a limited edition Button for those who arrive early at, A Further Strange Night V - 50 Imaginary Years

As always you can expect the fashions to be eyepopping and the hair to be perfectly styled! To quote a long time Cure Party guest, "If you don't come to these parties, you're not a true Cure Fan". The 25th April is clearly a date to cross on your calendar!

Further information: www.the-cure-party.de

This site will be updated regularly, so do make sure to come back and have a look from time to time.

Hope to see some of you this year in Berlin to celebrate Robs birthday and maybe a new rock star (is born) at the live band karaoke?


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It`s ready. One of 150 buttons is waiting for you!!

and you can now request and reserve your Song you want to sing or play on 25th of april at the big The Cure Party in Berlin with Cureproject.

Click here: http://www.the-cure-party.de/karaoke
Feel free and get in touch with us.

Cheers :-)

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