2009.04.17 Las Vegas, NV - Pearl Concert Theater at The Palms (USA)

Started by crowbi_wan, February 24, 2009, 02:29:48

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Pollstar shows The Cure playing in Las Vegas on April 17th.  Looks like a warm-up gig for Coachella.     

Tickets on sale Saturday, February 28th at 1pm.



Ticket prices: $89, $129, $154   fees.  :shock: 

Capacity is 2500

Meeting point

Curefans.com are encouraged to join the CoF meeting. Details of the meeting as follows:

Place: Buffet Bistro at the Palms
Time to meet: from 13h00
Map: http://www.palms.com/pdfs/PHC_44848 directory.pdf
Join the meeting in Facebook

If you have your Curefans.com shirt, don't forget to wear it ;)


From cure-concerts.de

underneath the stars
prayers for rain
a strange day
the end of the world
to wish impossible things
pictures of you
from the edge of the deep green sea
the perfect boy
inbetween days
just like heaven
shake dog shake
the hungry ghost
one hundred years
it's over    
Encore 1:
if only tonight we could sleep
the kiss

Encore 2:
at night
play for today
a forest

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Quote from: Mad Bob RJS on February 24, 2009, 06:00:38
So, is it confirmed ?}


The box office said tickets go on sale at 1pm this Saturday.  That's all the confirmation I needed.


Up on TM now.

GL with tickets,
were going to need it.

Was told only holds 2500 people?


And tickets are at the bargain price of $154! BEFORE TM FEES!!!!


One thing that sucks is that the palms is not on the strip.
Not far, but not on it regardless.
Oh well.
I'm excited!!


Hotel is booked.  I'm not staying on the strip.  Need to save some cash for those $154 tickets.  Christ that's a lot!


I'll be there! I'll have to change my plane tickets around that I bought for Coachella but that's easy.
Just gotta get tix and I have people working on that since I'll be in London on Saturday. Lots of good hotel deals in Vegas right now thanks to the recession, though, so that's a plus.
I hope for $150 bucks Robert's going to take my ticket personally, maybe with a kiss and a rose. ;)


Shit...I think I may have gotten the wife interested, until she sees the cost of the tix.  Damn.


Quote from: j on February 24, 2009, 19:32:44
Shit...I think I may have gotten the wife interested, until she sees the cost of the tix.  Damn.

Oh come on, you know you'll be cashing in some miles/points.  Just tell her the high ticket prices are going to some charity.  :-D


I'm staying at the Hampton Inn Tropicana Las Vegas.  Stayed there several times.  Pretty nice off the strip hotel that about two miles from The Pearl Theater.  Prices are as follows:

$99  1 King
$109 2 Doubles

Advance purchase will save you about $15. 


edit:  Oh yeah, they have a bar.  Not that finding a watering hole in Vegas is difficult.  :lol:  Also, shuttle service to/from the airport and to The Strip.

pink ego box

If I can get decent tickets and can manage to change my parents' 40th anniversary party to a different weekend I'll be there.


I'm still trying to work this one out.  I'm trying to get the wife to go with me, but she wanted to go to Toronto for a concert in May, plus we're going to Hawaii in June.  Not sure that we can get anyone to watch the kids this weekend or not.  I may just have to throw a pissy fit until she tells me to go by myself  :roll: ;) :lol:


Quote from: j on February 25, 2009, 14:13:35
I may just have to throw a pissy fit until she tells me to go by myself  :roll: ;) :lol:

There you go.  Boys night out.


Sweet :-D.  I do need to file a formal complaint with the band/TM.  Why is it that they ALWAYS put tix onsale the friggin week BEFORE I get paid?  Every single time  :cry: