Tasmania, Australia fans?

Started by disintegrated10, August 22, 2010, 13:22:18

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Hi all,

Just checking in again after some time and find myself wondering if our little island of Tassie has found anymore fans of The Cure? Such a shame that so many Taswegian ears aren't totally nuts over the band.

Cheers :)


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I'm a Cure-ite in TAZ... But then I guess you may know that already as dsanchez linked in those thready things in the last post!! I am always amazed when I say to ppl my fav band is The Cure and their reply is "Huh? Who?"
Anyway - your not alone in TAZ believe me! We are out there in everyday life, working and living amongst the common populace!!
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I'm not from Tassie, but Melbourne..

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