The Cure 2012 rumors

Started by dsanchez, December 22, 2011, 17:14:50

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Some rumors (as they are about gigs in Europe and the US and not in South America, this might become real at some point):

The Cure in Bilbao?

According this blog, The Cure will play the Bilbao BBK Festival in July next year. I personally don't trust much this information because it looks way to vague:

Quote"At the moment there's no official confirmation because there are little details to be fixed. According to our source they were supossed to play last year (2011) but because of personal problems the gig had to be cancelled"
(this is false as Robert stated since the beginning that Bestival was the only European FESTIVAL they would play in 2011)

Rockwave Festival 2012 (Greece)

This Greek blog have some information about the band playing this festival next year. If you speak Greek, let us know what's written there :P

There's also a rumor about The Cure playing at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami next year, but I don't have much information about it. If you know something, let us know!
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