Cure 'Revue'

Started by cheyler, May 18, 2017, 03:07:57

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Been hearing and seeing a lot of words of reconciliation from several former members.  Even Pearl has said he wouldn't rule out joining the Cure again, if only for a couple of gigs.  For those of you who saw last summer's Toronto gig, what do you think RS meant by 'something special'?  Would any of you be interested in seeing three or four different Cure line-ups on stage over the course of an evening?  It would probably mark the end of The Cure, not sure if I'm more interested in them continuing on as they are, or having one final bash (or several) with any and all former members then calling it quits.  This is about as 'rumor-y' as rumors get.


I wish it was true!
We have very few chances to see them make more than one studio album i think. I mean, soon it will be 10 years from 4:13!! So we will be lucky if we get another one.
If that was the case, i can see it being a double album with some delucxe edition with unreleased material, B sides..., and then followed by some live BR/DVD releases.

That said i wonder why some of them left. Porl/Pearl? Isn't he Robert's brother-in-law? Boris? (he collaborated in the acoustic Greatest Hits album), Perry said some kind words lately too, and Lol is also 'back' somehow.
Maybe they could invite M.Dempsey or other old members.... it would be a great end, for the fans, but also for the band too.
(oh yes, and then make another world tour please :P )