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I'm surprised there's no topic for them here.
Jim and William Reid deserve better. A pair of absolute geniuses.
Also Bobby Gillespie when he was with them, the only, er... drummer to out-Lol Lol (LOL).

So, to start with, a curiosity (and an important message).

There's this youtube...

It's a Peel Session from October 1984.

Which has THIS picture:

Is the hairy fella on the left Simon Gallup?
It's public that The Mary Chain are a band The Cure like (at least Robert certainly does like them, can't remember Simon).
If it's not Simon, he really looks like him. And by the looks of the venue, the pic must be from around 1984 (and would-be-Simon's hairdo looks 1984-ish too).

Btw, The Jesus And Mary Chain are recording another album again.
Jim Reid says 2020 or 2021 as release date.
I'd like the new Mary Chain album to come out as soon as possible... at least they released an album in 2017.
I'd also like the new Cure album to come out one day, but we all know this is something you can never guess...