R.I.P. Jet Black

Started by Ulrich, December 08, 2022, 20:04:57

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Sad news just in, Stranglers founder member & longtime drummer Jet Black passed away.

Baz Warne posted this on FB about Jet:
Quote"I loved Jet Black. He took me under his wing over two decades ago, and I've stayed there pretty much ever since. He could be in turns, cantankerous and stoic, yet very warm and thoughtful...and never less than great to be with. We laughed long and hard at the absurdity of the world...especially our world...he loathed the music business, but loved playing his drums...and I have fond memories of looking behind me onstage and getting that wink..."everything is ok and I'm enjoying this" it said.
He lived at least 10 life times, and for that, we should all be grateful...I know I am.
He hadn't been in the best of health for some time, and I usually spoke to him every 6 weeks or so. When I did, he always sounded in great spirits, and the last time, around 3 weeks ago, we laughed...as always...and I said I'd try and get across to see him...that's not gonna happen now JB, and that makes me incredibly sad...
My thoughts are with his family.
I'll miss you big man...it was such a privilege to have known you.
Rest in peace..."

Former Stranglers member Hugh Cornwell posted this:
QuoteIt is with great sadness I have learnt that Jet Black has passed away.
We shared a special period of our lives when we strived to become professional musicians.
We were immediately drawn to one another, he had a singular sense of purpose that I identified with.
He threw everything in his previous life out, to dedicate himself to our common goal.
Our birthdays were 2 days apart, so we were quite similar.
The Stranglers success was founded on his determination and drive.
His timing was faultless.
All power to him and his legacy.
Hugh Cornwell 8/12/2022


QuoteJet Black, drummer of new-wave rock band The Stranglers, has died after "years of ill health" at the age of 84, his representative confirmed.
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