Which is Your All-Time Fav Cure song?

Started by Pushkina, July 10, 2005, 16:27:43

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Fascination Street

then (in order):

Same Deep Water As You
Pictures Of You
Just Like Heaven
2 Late
Friday I'm In Love
A Pink Dream
This Twilight Garden
Boys Don't Cry
In Between Days
A Letter To Elise
Never Enough
Out Of This World
Where The Birds Always Sing
The Big Hand
The way she pulls me in sucks my breath away



In concert: From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea
...there's nothing left to burn.


There are so so many brilliant and amazing songs, but for me there is one that is on another level...
Pictures of You 💕🙌
"Where the flesh meets the spirit world,
Where the traffic is thin..."


Almost all Cure songs are my favorite Cure songs...Over the years my favorite Cure song has changed. It once was Catch, Trust, Lovecats...then for a while it was How Beautiful You Are. Recently it's been Out of This World (oh my gosh this song is so incredible - reminds me of Nick Drake meets Pink Floyd, yet still has its own unique quality)...but I think my all time favorite is The Caterpillar.

Keep Cure questions coming! It always brightens my day to get to think about what I love about The Cure. <3 :-)  :smth020


Pictures of You - the one that introduced me to the band.

10:15 Saturday Night - I'll never forget the shock of "getting" this song after a few listens, how much there's going on there.

The Caterpillar - in my opinion, it is among the very greatest pop songs of all time 

Wailing Wall - Jerusalem as seen through a drug induced haze can inspire the most beautiful music apparently

Give Me It - Robert's Captain Beefheart takeoff is shockingly good

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - another gorgeous piece of oriental(ist) psychedelia, completely unlike anything anyone was doing at the time

Speak My Language - my most recent discovery (i.e. a song I was dimply aware of but never realized how good it was)


Of course they vary all over time, but as of now...

1) Piggy In The Mirror - One of the songs where we get the closest to "hear" Robert telling us "I'm in the song and it hurts". The Top always got panned, very unfairly in my opinion. To me it was always a brilliant album. Only recently there seems to be more appreciation for it.

2) Pictures Of You - That 6-string bass is simply unforgettable. Never heard anything as close to an instrument actually crying, and I suppose I never will.
3) Closedown - Dunno why, but it always had a special something for me.
4) Disintegration - Needs no explanation.
5) A Thousand Hours - Never paid much attention to it, but it's growing on me.
6) Kyoto Song - A very dark song disguised in exotism. Hospitals are exotic, I suppose... if you look at it from a certain point of view.
7) Subway Song - Pay attention to the Three Imaginary Boys lyrics... and they're absolutely NOT light. In fact, Robert hasn't written many happy songs, and many of the poppier stuff has actually a twist, albeit not always evident. This song is about an assault...
8) Like Cockatoos - And this song is about another? assault.
9) At Night - Nice subtext.
10) The Hanging Garden - More subtext and... regret?
11) Cold - Regret... abortion? 
12)  A Strange Day - I love the middle eight guitar part, gives me the chills, Phil Thornalley and Robert were brilliant there. Live it loses intensity, I think.
12) One Hundred Years - The opposite of Disintegration ("It doesn't matter if we all die" vs "How the end always is").
13) The Caterpillar - Brilliant... and on drugs. And contains trousers as an instrument!!
14) The Funeral Party - Abortion?
15) The Birdmad Girl - The inevitable companion to Piggy In The Mirror.
16) Pornography - Robert realising he's doing no good. It's funny, but Pornography is perhaps (just a little bit!!!) less dark than Disintegration. I mean, the lyrics. It's the music that is darkest.
17) Boys Don't Cry - Lennon/McCartney would have been envious.
18) Charlotte Sometimes - Ouch! Wife-beating? Terrific (and horrific) song!!
19) Homesick - Sex!! The two consecutive "honey" are fantastic. But the song is dark as can be.
20) Untitled - Incoming death. Cancer? This is the darkest song ever, by anyone. Spine-tingling on a good day. On a bad day, simply unbearable.


Doing The Unstuck
To Wish Impossible Things
A Letter to Elise
Pictures of You
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
A Thousand Hours
Round and Round and Round
Dressing Up
Give Me It
A Pink Dream
Fire In Cairo
Play For Today
But it's much too late you say
For doing this now
We should have done it then
Well it just goes to show
How wrong you can be
And how you really should know
That it's never too late
To get up and go


My all-time favourite Cure song (which is also just my all-time favourite song) is The Figurehead, from 1982's Pornography album.

I was too young to know who the Cure were in 1982, but discovered that album, and this song ,as one of the final pieces of the back catalogue puzzle I put together through 1988.

I wrote some of the lyrics, all Kiss Me script black on purple-painted wall, that same year.

"Too many secrets
Too many lies
Writhing with hatred
Too many secrets
Please make it good tonight
But the same image haunts me
In sequence
In despair of time"

I was already in despair of time.


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An imaginary boy

The Same Deep Water As You
nowadays... but
The Figurehead

climb at the top of my heart too, from time to time
I went away alone, with nothing left but FAITH


Hello "an imaginary boy" & welcome to the forum!
Thanks for sharing your faves with us.  :smth023
Theorize and talk yourself
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