Which is Your All-Time Fav Cure song?

Started by Pushkina, July 10, 2005, 16:27:43

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ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For me it?s definitely "Burn"... very dark and very cure song... that guitar solo killing me everytime... and then... Disintegration, End, Numb, Want, Lost, Plainsong, A Strange Day, Lament, The Same Deep Water As You, A Night Like This, The Walk, Before Three... and many many more:)
i never said i would stay to the end


Charlotte Sometimes, A Forest and Strange Day:


Beesley Wytchboy

Faith, Disentegration, 39, 100 years, All Cats are Grey, Siamese twins
You're Walking a thin line between here and out of control


Hands down for me would be A Forest played live.  Nothing else can top this in my book.  If I had to choose a recorded track, right now it would be either Untitled or This Twilight Garden.


Where to start ???

A Letter To Elise, Just Like Heaven, Fascination Street, Charlotte Sometimes, Disintegration, Lovesong, Untitled, Faith.....

Funny how I find it easier to pick the worst 5 songs...  :twisted:

Beesley Wytchboy

Hardly the worst 5............all corkers in my book

Luke x :P
You're Walking a thin line between here and out of control


i love all of their songs but just like heaven and pictures of you are definately my all-time favorites!
"and you finally found all your courage to
let it all go"


First place in my favorite are both ALL CATS ARE GREY and LAMENT ... but there is too much very very very good songs like SNAKEPIT, AT NIGHT, LAST DANCE, LABYRINTH, SINKING, ................................ except my "songs to be left" list  :lol:


Definitely a tie between the back-to-back monsters known as "The Same Deep Water as You" and "Disintegration" ... I've pulled it off while playing live and it is certainly a religious experience!
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Three imaginary boys...

and M, Drowning man, Birmad Girl, Like Cookatos, Hot, hot, hot !!!




Here's 4 that are favorites of mine

A Strange Day
A Forest
All Cats are Grey
The Last Day of Summer

I could easily pick another 4



Robert & Steve Severin!!!

Cosmic, how ever it sounds!
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a forest (every version but the 1990 and 1992-versions are the best!!9

curiosa frank


a forest (full moon concert) Fantastic instrumentals!!
the kiss live
Phew this is to hard, anything live will do for me!