Cure songs that you don't like

Started by Filipe, August 23, 2005, 01:02:56

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If you could throw away 5 songs of The Cure that you simply don't love, which ones would you choose?

I confess that there are some songs that I don't hear too much:

Harold and Joe (never knew why...)
Never Enough (too noisy I think...)
The 13th ( :? )
Club America - (The sound of RS's voice, grrrrrr.....)
Screw (ok, probably my mistake but I always pass away when I listen THOTD...)



ha ha
i love all five songs you want to left!!! :shock:

instead i dont like

sugar girl
heroin face
coming up

Tristan Berlin

1. Hot Hot Hot
2. In Between days (not a bad song but heard too much)
3. Watching Me Fall (some of you will be shocked but this song it too long for me)
4. almost the whole "Wild Mood Swings"
5. the whole bonus-cd from the Greatest Hits (not good)  :?


1. anniversary
2. sugar girl
3. breathe
4. a chain of flowers
5. truth goodness and beauty


Hum, what a good question ... for me it's probably :

1 - Watching me fall (too long song ! !)
2 - Round & Round & Round
3 - Gone
4 - Return
5 - The couple The walk/Let's go to bed

@+, Alex


1 - Round & round & round
2 - Sugar girl
3 - The empty world
4 - The perfect girl
5 - Truth goodness and beauty


Here are my 5:

1) Wendy Time
2) Gone!
3) World War
4) Wrong Number (alt mix from Join the Dots)
5) Heroin Face
"... sleeping less every night"

Beesley Wytchboy

Mine are..............

1000 Hours - Bores me silly :o
Strange Atraction - Its shit and  twee
Speak my Language - Too contrived and Joyless
The Final Sound - Pointless and unnescisary
Any remix that wasnton Mixed Up - I Sodding HATE remixes!!!!!!!!!
Grrrrr! :twisted:

Luke x
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Hmm,  no accounting for taste I see!

Watching me fall
The promise
The top
dredd song

also more than this

and truthfully, I've listened to 3ib the least of all!


Never Enough
Just Say Yes
Wrong Number
Us or Them
Alt. End
Sign From God
Dredd Song

I don't consider them cure songs at all...

And may be 1 or 2 more... tops!

I really really can belive some of the songs that are being dismissed here (Chain Of Flowers?! Thats like - best of them all! Strange Attraction?! The Promise?! Sugar Girl?!) For the love of God!!! Why?!

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Mine will be:

1. So What (a really ugly song, I think)
2. The Top (I never really liked it)
3. The 13th ( :x )
4. Mr. Pink Eyes
5. Never
i'm running out of time i'm out of step and
closing down


1. Pictures of You (Don't really like it and it is pretty long.)
2. Hot Hot Hot!!! (wtf is this?)
3. The 13th (Suckage)
4. Anniversary (More Suckage)
5. Primary (Okay song but too overated)


1. Gone
2. The 13th
3. Jupiter Crash
4. Club America
5. Gone (again)

as you can tell I'm not a big WMS fan :roll:
its nice to be nice


1. Faith
2.The Figurehead
3.The Kiss
4. Open
5. Last Dance

HA!!! Just Kidding...

1. Another Day
2. Mint Car [fking hate that song]
3. Fight
4. The Final Sound
5.A Reflection



Quote from: nausearockpig1. Faith
2.The Figurehead
3.The Kiss
4. Open
5. Last Dance

You got me, Javier! :oops:  

I was thinking to myself, "This guy has some rather unusual tastes compared to most fans..." :shock: