Cure songs that you don't like

Started by Filipe, August 23, 2005, 01:02:56

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Quote from: lostflower4When I first heard this song I thought, "Wow", and then when the lyrics came in I was suddenly disappointed. I don't like the melody of the vocals or something. I'm also not really fond of how the chorus goes, or the lyrics for that matter. This song could have been different, and much, much better in my opinion.

i agree. this also reminds of this acoustic version of taking off (it's from paris Nov 04 or something like that... sorry i don't have my "info" here with me now). anyway the melody is actually different in that version - it almost sounds like just a backing track or something and the first time i heard it it felt quite strange but actually i have grown to like it more than the original which is so strained.

but still, the lyrics ruin the song: 'tomorrow i will start again...and carry on the same as i did yesterday'... please, i just cannot take it seriously...
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oh i forgot the add that i personally dislike:

- young americans (ok it's a cover song but still - it's absolute torture)
- dressing up (when i hear it i completely understand all those people who say 'stop whining!' when they hear robert's voice)
- dredd song
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Hello everyone ! I'm new here, congratulations for your forum !  :D

Here are the songs I dislike...
- "Club America", "Round and Round and Round", "Jupiter Crash", "The 13th", "Fake", "Strange Attraction", "Never", "Watching Me Fall", "Bloodflowers", "Subway Song". ;)
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Then ... Hello everybody  !!!!! :wink:

The songs I hate from The Cure are : "Club America", "This Is A Lie", "The 13th", "Mint Car", "Jupiter Crash", "Round & Round & Round", "More Than This", "A Sign From God", "Out Of This World", "Watching Me Fall", "The Loudest Sound", "There Is No If ...", "Where The Birds Always Sing", "Maybe Someday", "The Last Day Of Summer", "39", "Coming Up" and "Bloodflowers"

They just make me sick

Beesley Wytchboy

Why does everyone hate Club america? I personally love it and i kno my veiw is unimportant in the great scheme but i dont know the prob.

I despise A thousand hours, Sugar girl and thpse kinda sub KMKMKM tracks.

Luke x
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I agree with Beesley. I think "Club America" is pretty good. The bass sound/line is great.
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Two people in a row pretty much HATE the entirety of WMS and Bloodflowers.  How can you hate Bloodflowers? ... it's not always gonna be 1982 (or '89)
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Songs i hate

round n' round n' round
and foxy lady ( but it's just a cover )

that's all


us or them
boys don't cry
end of the world (love the song but it doesn't really seem to be working live)
end (please stop loving me - yes i might, just watch out...)
10:15 & arab combo IF they are there to end the show (please come up with some other ways to go...)
(yes i know that was six)

a short term effect (where is it!)
jumping someone else'e train
caterpillar (how it could be 'out' when it's never really 'in'?)
watching me fall

+ a song in a new category "haven't been played too much lately & i hope it stays like that":
dressing up    :!:
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well, i wouldn't consider instrumentals like descent, covers and remixes here.
i can't stand screw, hanging garden, let's go to bed, there is no if, labyrinth, never, i want to be old


I'd say the ones I rarely ever listen to right now are

Boys don't cry
Another day
Its not you
Mr. Pink Eyes (That song makes me sick)
Close to me
Snow in summer
To wish impossible things
This Morning


Wrong Number remix from 4th disc of Join the Dots.


I can't stand "The End of the World." It's honestly the only Cure song I flat-out skip.
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1. The End of the World
2. Foxy Lady
3. Inbetween Days
4. Hot Hot Hot!!!
5. Give Me It
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."


1. Screw
2. The 13th
3. Harold & Joe
4. Just Say Yes
5. Jupiter Crash