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Started by dsanchez, September 23, 2007, 03:09:04

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Speaking of commercials. There is one,in the US, with Love Song. Can't recall,what product. But it has two teenagers, in a mall, dancing  and singing to Friday, I'm In Love, while it is played on a portable cassette or cd player. Can't recall which.


I see the Without a Trace one all the time. I, as well, prefer the real stuff.

Friday I'm in Love was on a commercial for a local radio station...

I'll never forget the HP Printer commercials of Pictures of You....

I hear them on Vh1 programs a lot. On I love the 80s part Duex, I remember hearing Why Can't I Be You for some type of doll in 1980.

In 1981, I think Close To Me was on it.

And 1982 had Just Like Heaven and Boys Don't Cry.


Quote from: Meddy on September 28, 2007, 03:24:37
For what it matters, I am watching TV and there was a preview for the Season Premiere of Without A Trace, and the song for the preview was Pictures of You.  It wasn't the Cure performing, but I have heard some really BAD covers, and this one wasn't too bad...kind of curious to see who did it. :smth023 to the not so bad cover. 

I found out who does it. It's the band Lit, who also sang "My Own Worst Enemy", a famous late 90s song.


Six Different Ways is featured quite well in "Rules of Attraction".

Brett Easton Ellis book made into another highly entertaining movie.
Rent it and see for yourself.
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UGH...why is it that when they want to use "The Cure" music in a movie, they use "JUST LIKE HEAVEN", "IN BETWEEN DAYS", "LOVESONG", or "MINT CAR"?

For god's sake, there's enough amazing and powerful Cure songs to fit every mood in a film! In fact, I'm going to make it my goal to one day make a film and score it using ONLY Cure songs!!! That's what I'll do!!! 8) :smth023


You know I have thought about doing something like that.  Making a movie and using only Cure music.  Rock on!  That is a fantastic idea.
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Quote from: dsanchez on September 23, 2007, 03:09:04
I'd like to start this topic to make a list of all songs from The Cure that have been played in movies. Any help will be appreciated!

The Wedding Singer
"Boys don't cry"

A lot like love
"Mint Car"

Marie Antoinette
"Plainsong", "All cats are gray"

david, you know i'm 100% certain we had a thread for this some time earlier and i've been trying myself crazy trying to find it - i'm sure i didn't dream it up... anybody else remember this? because i even remember we actually managed to come up with some extra movies which aren't actually missing from that list on imdb, if i do recall correct...
(aaahhh where is it... it must have been listed on some weirdo name or something or everything was posted on some other thread as off-topic conversation or something... where is itssssssss, they stole it from us, nasty little...)
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I think Fascination Street should be on one of those crime shows.

Like, the opening clip of cold case.


Close to me - John Tucker Must Die


Quote from: Hero on October 04, 2007, 14:54:12
Close to me - John Tucker Must Die

really??? in which part close to me was played???

how come i can't noticed it.... :smth011 :smth011
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Erm... Its just the opening part of the song - were kate is walking down a corridor and goes into the bathroom to meet the other girls - then it stops. I cant remember exactly but its definatly in there


Quote from: ROGUE on September 24, 2007, 16:08:02

But i was thinking of '50 first dates' Adam Sandler & Drew (Loved that film) and YES it had a reggae music beat to all the music, and '311' doing (not a good cover) of 'Lovesong',

and Dryden Mitchells cover of 'Friday I'm in Love'  Which was great- I think 'Friday i'm in Love' was at the end with reggae, not sure- But it did sound good reggae style :smth023

I have the Marie Antoinette CD, I love the Cure songs on it, as well as Siouxsie & the Banchees, and of course, "Kings of the Wild Frontiers" Adam and the Ants... :smth023

And of course, which has been mentioned earlier.. 50 1st Dates.. ( just on T.V. tonite ) :lol: I loved the cover of Lovesong, the reggae beats, but Friday I'm in love is a downer..  I still prefer the Cure.. I'm a hopeless curefan.. :( I just get a bit disappointed when it is not the Cure, but I did actually enjoy the Lovesong version.. whoever covered it!? :smth020
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I saw Marie Antoinette without being aware of the soundtrack, so for me and my wife it was what made the movie bearable.  How many hours of frolicking in the country side and having inane conversations can you bear?
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Do my movies count? Whenever I make a film I load it up with Cure can get pretty annoying to the viewer.

Anyway, why would they choose "Plainsong" of any Cure song to use in Marie Antoinette? They could have picked a better song in my opinion.