Music for Dreams

Started by revolt, July 16, 2008, 12:07:07

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Merci, thanks, danke... you made my day!!! (and the next ones!!!)


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Wow... I'm amazed. Thank a lot for putting this up, dudes. Any info as to how this came about?
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Thanks for uploading!  :smth023
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Fabien G

I am very curious about where these come from.

Maybe the names appeared in some itw or something, but I can't remember the demos were made available anywhere by the band.

Are you sure it's not interpretation by some other band? Like some on the Pink Pig project?


I was thinking along the same lines when the Lost Flowers popped up, but having listened to the stuff quite carefully, I'd say its the real band we're hearing here. Never listened to any Pink Pig stuff though, but  I think it would be quite difficult to duplicate that sound, tonal and playing-wise.
I've been waiting for the lies to end

Fabien G

I'm sure plenty of other fans on the french forum apinkdream would love to hear these, it's no problem if I put a link there for them, is it?


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Fabien G

Fabien G

Thanks very much again robmead, the fans on the french forum love them - as much as i do.

Can you tell us how did you get them?


The Cure - HK (İnstrumental 1992 Demo)
The Cure - Porl's (İnstrumental 1992 Demo)

and all 10 more!

Are this gonna be the Wish deluxe songs?

It's been online for months! I just caught them. Does anybody else know something about this?!?!?!?!


If you ask me (which you just did), it definitely is.
I've been waiting for the lies to end


i can't believe i missed the original 1 year old thread. I feel such a n00b!


Thanks for posting, better twice than never!  :)
I think the "Wish" deluxe edition will be worth the wait. (Even though they once again missed the chance of releasing a "20th anniversary" edition...)
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