Which Cure song do you most identify with?

Started by Birdmad Guy, May 15, 2013, 07:09:59

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Birdmad Guy

Or means something specific in your life? 

For me it would have to be The Walk. 


It varies from time to time, now is Lost.

Untitled Heavenhell

Perfect girl  :roll:. No. it's a joke of course !

I think it's a good question.

Maybe in my user name (so beautiful song - so many ghosts) but I try to be "six different ways"

I hope Panzascure had found himself.


Many..."Primary"...."Let's go to Bed"..."A Night Like This"...

I resonate with the more ironic songs and I love the songs for Mary. 

Brigitte Saint-Pé



It doesn't matter if we all die



Switch,mainly because of the lyrics.There's no other song
which reflects my life situation so perfectly.
L'œuvre politico-économique de l'Occident sera russe.
Cependant, cet aigle pour deux têtes n'a qu'une seule cou-
ronne; il recevra l'autre au double gironnement romain et
(A Cœur perdu, G. Édinger, 1888, p. XV)



But it's much too late you say
For doing this now
We should have done it then
Well it just goes to show
How wrong you can be
And how you really should know
That it's never too late
To get up and go


I relate personally to much of what is on Bloodflowers - which is how I got into this band in the first place, five years ago (because it was the first "new" album I'd listened to in a decade, which I got completely absorbed in both musically and lyrically, and which I felt really stood up as an album, the way albums used to stand up far more before the iPod age etc).  Right time for it - I was in my early 40s and listening to something written by people about that age, with similar general observations about life, concerns, etc.  Warm heart, cold universe, etc. Also listening to Bloodflowers helped catalyse some thinking I needed to do - I learnt something from that process.

There's some stuff The Cure wrote when they were younger that I don't relate to, presumably because (ideally) people grow and evolve in life.  I no longer relate even to all of the things I wrote in my 20s either, and I think that's a good thing - stagnation isn't.  Still, there are also a lot of general things I do relate to, from all of their eras so far.  I think when someone makes themselves vulnerable, and has openness and honesty about what they are thinking and feeling and experiencing, then you're going to get their mistakes along with everything else, rather than an airbrushed picture, and I think that's actually really commendable, especially in this day and age.

...I can't narrow it down to one song because life is so multifaceted!  :)  I identify with lots of their songs, and not one above all.
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Quote from: Birdmad Guy on May 15, 2013, 07:09:59Which Cure song do you most identify with?

Or means something specific in your life?

Pictures Of You.
The Hanging Garden.
A Strange Day.
Play For Today.
A Forest.
The Drowning Man.
The Caterpillar.


I'm "the perfect boy", of course.  :winking_tongue  ;)  :lol:
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Quote from: Ulrich on January 07, 2020, 09:46:58I'm "the perfect boy", of course.  :winking_tongue  ;)  :lol:

Bwahahahaha!  :rofl  Maybe you could get this printed on a T-shirt.  :winking_tongue

I have real trouble with topics like this.  I usually don't have a "most / best / favourite" (or its converse) - but a whole group of them.  I will nominate Plainsong as one of the members of that top group of songs I most identify with from The Cure, but there are many others.  (Helped along by the whole Rorschach test thing, of course!   :angel )

...and I just realised I already "played" above, but this can be a postscript...
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