What's the best song to start the new year?

Started by dsanchez, December 31, 2020, 17:29:03

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Due its power and lyrics and motivation I can't think of other but 'Want'. What about you?
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Motivation? I read Want not as an anthem to arise, go forth and conquer, but as an invitation to think, as a warning of what consumer society and popular culture will try to shape you into if you don't think for yourself.  I don't think it lauds half the things it lists.  But then, I am a hippie and will read songs in ways they make sense to me!  :)  (And in that sense, it's a good one to reflect on in yet another year of living in a society driven by consumption - which people used to die from when it was the common term for tuberculosis, and which they're dying from now that it commonly means something else, as well...)

As to your question, Brett would like to offer One Hundred Years for its opening line :angel (he's a naughty imp, believe me, I've lived with him over 14 years ♥).

I haven't made up my mind yet, and will get back to you.  Probably, as usual, I won't settle on any one song!  :winking_tongue
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For me, it's "Doing the unstuck" this year - "tear out the pages with all the bad news"!!

P.S.: I agree about "Want", it seems like Robert is picking up the same "topic" as with "Never Enough" again (he later re-visited it with "The Hungry Ghost")!
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