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Started by SueC, July 28, 2019, 06:11:21

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To be honest, about (2) I'm not too sure myself. I may have a degree in English studies, but that doesn't mean I'm always 100% sure about vocabulary... Maybe Thank would have been a better choice.

It took me a while to get my head around the Emu thing btw.

More noteworthy singles: Driving your Own Car, Yves Always, and Boredom Square.
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That emu thing was a bit evil but extinguish more obvious.  :)

Very nice.  :cool  We had the second and third of those as Charles Always and Slightly Interesting Footpath last year in:

It's so cool that the level of English language use amongst Germans on this forum is significantly above average native speaker written expression in this country - and it's also sadly a woeful reflection on language teaching standards at primary school level in Australia. Ever looked at Australian forums?  :1f62e: I've marked tons of essays from age 12 students to undergraduate level and it really would be considered a national catastrophe if things were like that in Germany. We had a German guest over the weekend who emigrated here a couple of years ago and he was remarking on this over dinner!  :1f631:

I still love my erstwhile Year 1/2 teacher, one Frau Susanne Schestag - fabulous language and learning foundations at the really crucial stage, and a wonderful warm fun person. ❤️

I shall think about your alternative clue!
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In Denmark (Western Australia) today, we saw a boy wearing a T-shirt with this on it:


...and we cracked up laughing. Do you have to be Australian to get this one? Just in case, we googled to see if anyone had done this version, and indeed...

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Quote from: SueC on July 03, 2021, 11:59:47Do you have to be Australian to get this one?

No, but it might be helpful if you know a few AC/DC song titles...
It doesn't touch me at all...


You know what's sad about that performance, @Ulrich? It's not a bad take, but I abhor the fake American accent that a lot of Aussies seem compelled to put on when they are singing. Even The Church bled into this territory when they recorded an album in LA. I'm not a musician, but I'd rather starve than sing with an American accent. It's such an ass-kissing and fake thing to do. And the real joke is that AC/DC were an Australian band and for once actually did NOT sing with American accents!
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The other day I came across a really beautiful word, which I've promptly forgotten - but if I ever remember what it was, I'll edit it into here. Anyway, I mentioned it to my husband, and said that the word sounded so much nicer than diarrhoea which was apparently rated as one of the most beautiful-sounding words in the English language by non-English speakers who had English words spoken to them for a "beauty road-test" without being aware of the meanings of the words.

This got us thinking, as it usually does. We decided that the word fellatio really did sound like it belonged into classical musical vocabulary, along with andante, pianissimo, staccato, allegro etc etc. So we went to an old music book and...

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Mwahahahah, never seen this before - what does it actually mean? "Play it so it blows your mind"?

Btw. I love the hand-written note above.
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Hiya Matti! How's the weather in Germany? It's 11 degrees with gale-force winds and rain here, so definitely an indoors day. And I'm still stuck on the title you clued as Thank...

Quote from: Matti on July 30, 2021, 07:50:34Mwahahahah, never seen this before - what does it actually mean? "Play it so it blows your mind"?

ROFL. You'd have to make your own interpretation, I suppose. :lol:

Originally it was "Allegro giocoso" - "playful allegro"... We were just looking through an old practice book to try to implement that little idea by substituting it in somewhere, and it literally fell open at this piece, which immediately added all sorts of its own overtones.  :beaming-face

Would you expect to see "Fellatio (whether giocoso or pianissimo or maestoso or pastorale or ¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale! or whatever :evil:)" more liberally used in learning books for brass and woodwind than for stringed instruments perhaps?  :-D

(And if so, would it be at peak use in a book for saxophone?  :angel)

Quote from: Matti on July 30, 2021, 07:50:34Btw. I love the hand-written note above.

Haha. It was such a trial doing especially the first half of Suzuki Volume I as an adult beginner - the first half is basically "Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?:1f632:

Midway you finally get some rhythmically interesting stuff, followed by three not-bad pieces of Bach. And then that thing we reproduced above... :1f636:
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Quote from: SueC on July 30, 2021, 08:17:52three not-bad pieces of Bach
Do I sense a bit of iconoclasm here?  :D

btw the weather is what I'd call a bipolar summer: we get a nice heat wave every once in a while followed by a few days of pouring rain. I love it.
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No iconoclasm in this particular instance, I think, @Matti - it's just they are necessarily short, simple pieces, and not as spectacular as some of the longer, more complex stuff that's not on the beginner menu!  :)

Like the Toccata & Fugue.

If you made any noteworthy comments on your own sheet music when you were a beginner, you can follow my own good example and share!  :winking_tongue
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It occurred to me a while back that crustacean rhymes with bus station. And then, of course, I had to make use of this fact.


There was a fine crustacean
At Waterloo Bus Station
His name was Mr Crab
And he came in a cab
After a scrumptious Devonshire Tea
He was returning to the sea
Quite looking forward to the ride
That would return him to the tide
He was missing the little fishes
And had lots of watery wishes
When you next stand beside the sea
Remember Mr Crab for me!

Inviting all members to post their silly ditties here.  :beaming-face
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