R.I.P. Andy Fletcher

Started by Ulrich, May 28, 2022, 13:50:24

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QuoteAndy Fletcher obituary

Keyboard player and business brain of Depeche Mode who pushed the electronic band to long-lasting success

Fletcher was a keyboardist and passionate proponent of electronics, glorying in the synthesiser's role in overturning the convention of music being made with guitars and drums.
... his musicianly interests were rivalled by a head for business. He enjoyed keeping tabs on receipts and merchandising, and for Depeche Mode, who became one of the world's biggest touring groups in the 1990s, that was win-win: Fletcher was onstage behind his keyboard every night, but offstage performed dusty managerial duties. He estimated that he spent 17 years as player-manager; even after the band acquired heavyweight management he kept his hand in.

A shallow grave
a monument to the ruined age