Siouxsie 2023 in concert and a reissue of "Mantaray"

Started by carl17, December 27, 2022, 03:19:01

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Cruel World Festival this Saturday May 20: new tickets are available on their website. Tickets


Siouxsie's concert at Cruel World Festival in Pasadena is rescheduled tonight, Sunday May 21.
The promoters announced it early this morning. Siouxsie will play an extended set.

Twitter news

QuoteAfter lightning nixed the artist's first (and only) U.S. gig in 15 years, Siouxsie returned the next day with renditions of "Israel," "Happy House," and more

QuoteAs the sky darkened, Siouxsie, who shed the Banshees long ago, appeared onstage, sounding a bit peeved at the cautious fire department the night before. "I was trying to tell them it's part of our f*cking light show," she exclaimed, clad in a shimmering metallic jumpsuit.
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Mantaray, her solo album, is reissued on July 14, on LP and CD .

A Translucent Red Vinyl (limited to 2000 copies) is available through online indie stores and her website.
It is also reissued on black vinyl.

Red Vinyl available on.piccadilly records and Record store.

Black vinyl available on Rough trade and resident-music.

All the UK concerts are sold out.

Next concerts:
Monday 7 August: in Belgium, in Lokeren (near Gent), @ "Lokerse Feesten" (with Placebo also on the bill)
Thursday 31 August : Malaga, @ "Cala Mijas" (with Arcade Fire also on the bill)
Saturday 2 September : Lisbon @ "Meo Kalorama" (with Arcade Fire also on the bill)


Quote from: carl17 on July 08, 2023, 04:13:29Mantaray, her solo album, is reissued on July 14, on LP and CD .
Thanks for sharing this! I promised myself to stop buying records for the next three months as I bought a lot lately, but I will make an exception with this and the upcoming Slowdive album (and The Cure, if they ever say something about Songs of a Lost World lol)
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.25 Buenos Aires
2023.11.27 Montevideo
2023.12.07 Asuncion


Siouxsie in on the frontcover of Mojo magazine, in their September issue. There is an interview of Siouxsie by Jon Savage, an interview of Steven Severin by John Robb, an interview with drummer Budgie, plus two other articles.

Available on their website[/b]


QuoteThe set list largely follows those of recent longer shows in Wolverhampton and European festivals. It's a beautifully chosen collection of some of the best Banshees/Creatures songs, showcasing the vast spectrum, from the brooding, intensity of Lands End to lighter, poppier punk Kiss Them For Me.

From sparkly burlesque we're plunged straight into a dark goth trilogy, Sioux prowling the stage menacingly, starting with ultra dark Night Shift, inspired by Peter Sutcliffe's Ripper murders. Juju's hardhitting, challenging and still very relevant, Arabian Knights follows, and then the majestic, Bond-theme-contender, Here Comes That Day.  The drums could be louder, the sound a bit muffled at times, but the band is efficient and tight – some of them have been with Sioux since the Mandalay tour.
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The latest rumour speaks of a new album being in the works...

QuoteExciting news! Siouxsie and her band will shortly be working on a new record. The info comes from an insider. I won't say who in case the person gets into trouble.
(Found in a group on Facebook)
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