What non-Cure concerts are you planning to see in the near future?

Started by dsanchez, October 07, 2018, 19:44:22

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Ruts DC (celebrating the 40th anniversary of legendary album "The Crack") tonite.
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The Strange (tonight in Stuttgart)

Info on the band:
QuoteAt the beginning of the millennium, The Strange formed as a joint project by Croatian surf rockers The Bambi Molesters and Slovenia-based Seattle-born musician Chris Eckman (ex-The Walkabouts). Despite their excellent debut album Nights of Forgotten Films (2004), which received praise from global media, such as Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Mojo, and a successful promotional tour featuring R.E.M. member Scott Mccaughey, it took no fewer than 14 years for the band to come together again.

In September, the band's second album, titled Echo Chamber, was released, the joint effort of an expanded ensemble, as the original band was joined by members of Croatian group My Buddy Moose and a two-piece brass section. The album also features guest appearances by singer-songwriter Irena Žilić and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The swirling layers of surf rock, blues, alt-country, jazz, American gothic and melancholia has been unanimously declared one of the best Croatian releases of 2018.
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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (August). Never seen them, so it's about time! Haven't seen a real concert this year so far, so it's about time! It's expensive and quite a bit to drive, but the setting should be special (just outside a baroque style palace) and I will use the opportunity to look at the town before the show.  :cool
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The Damned in Nov and The Anti Nowhere League in Oct. Hoping they go ahead. Two bands have bailed out of Glasgow in recent days, with mystery illnesses...
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