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Started by lacrima mosa, April 13, 2014, 20:34:31

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lacrima mosa

Hi there

I have about 150 Cure DVDs, that I received over all the years of collecting Cure-related stuff.
I now moved them for the second time without even watching them... So if anyone is interested in them, please contact me and I'll send the list and further infos if needed...

Enjoy your Sunday!
Lacrima Mosa
12.10.2016 Gothenburg
14.10.2016 Copenhagen
17.10.2016 Hamburg
18.10.2016 Berlin
22.10.2016 Prague
24.10.2016 Munich
04.11.2016 Basel
26.11.2016 Barcelona


Hi i'm Carlo; hi again. I'm interested. i'd like to see your list
here's my e mail ; plainsong16@yahoo.it

thank you so much !! i am pretty sure to find many things and interesting stuff in your list !! if needed i'll send mine !!

i thank you again !! Bye, Bye !!