What do you think of the new 4play Session

Started by Stu, January 20, 2006, 23:43:14

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I am stunned at how good the new recordings are of Three Imaginary Boys, 17 Seconds, Faith & Porography. If you haven't heard them yet along with an interview with Robert, you can get them from the following link.



Thought the songs were really good..

Much better than I thought they would be..

Pornography in particular just sounds fantastic again as a 3 piece...

A lot rawer and not so musically layered..
It can't rain all the time....


Pornography sounds amazing, and the other ones too, the new solo and chorus of TIB, the drums on SS and Faith ... :-)

Just minimal and great. Are there any other songs from this session with hedges?


i absolutely loved them. that lead in 3IB was tops!!!


I loved them. "Pornography" is great, especially.
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."


the songs sound great, they should re-record many more "old" tunes, just
think of "play for today", "other voices" or maybe "a forest" (in a long long studio-version, again and again and again and agaiiiinnnnnn ...)

curiosa frank


"4-Play" is just AWESOME.  I've always been a huge fan of the song "Pornography", and it comes alive in this set... gives me chills.  This session also showcases how timeless some of the Cure's songs really are.  Fresh sound, fresh production... great, great listen.
"... sleeping less every night"


the songs sound amazing! they dont sound dated at all and the production is really great aswell, wonder if the new album will have similar sound? :D


great re-recordings ! really loved them !
especially 3 I. B. !
i really think that the producer for the new lp should be Mike Hedges,just as the old days...
'Is It Always Like This?'


Pornography is fantastic !!!!
But I don't like the solo on Three Imaginary Boys ...


great idea! they should do more like this (but as a cd-release).

despite the solo on "three imaginary boys" - i like it very much! roberts voice sounds very good and i like the idea with the second voice. nice, nice!

the other tracks are also very good!