Ivan from Hispacure speak with Robert after Benicassim

Started by Tof, September 08, 2005, 00:03:51

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Look that !!!!
From COF

Ivan from Hispacure had the chance to speak with Robert after the Benicassim show and got some great info to pass along:

- New album next april 2006 with a new Cure World Tour.

- The album will be produced by Robert himself !! Robert told us that Ross Robinson is a great man and he will be involved in the making of the new album but not as a Producer.

- Robert told us that the new album will have keyboards !! Robert and Porl will play them and at the moment they are not thinking about a new cure member.

- Robert is in contact with Severin and maybe he is going to do a collaboration in the new album but not like a new Cure member.

- Robert is really happy with this new line-up. He thinks it was important to take a "new direction" now.

- About Roger : Robert told us that he is a great musician but maybe he wasn't a part of "The Cure soul" . . . they had differences in the way of working and about the future of The Cure so . . . it was better to continue with this new line up.

(after listening to Robert 's words we could suppose that Robert thinks that Roger is an excellent musician but maybe they are people with great "differences" and minds . . .)

- About Perry : This is different beceause : Robert told us that He and Porl had a drink with Perry in an English pub one week before Benicassim and they still have a great relationship. Robert told us that Perry admires Porl as one of the best guitar players in Great Britain.

After listening to Robert's words we thought that maybe Robert and Porl had been thinking about " Porl's comeback" for a long time . . . we saw that
Porl and Robert are more like band members. They were together all night long ( Jason and Simon were in the backstage area), so we understood that Porl has been always a Cure member even when he left the band. Porl told us that he is always in contact with Robert ... so when Robert is recording a new song or just thinking about the future of The Cure . . . Porl supports Robert. For example : Robert told us that they played " Signal To Noise" because Porl wanted to play this song !! so we tought that it's easy to believe that when Robert was thinking about this song (in 2001),
maybe Porl was helping him.

For this reason we all ( Hispacure members ) thought after the meeting that . . . maybe Robert and Porl have been thinking about Porl's comeback for a long time. "The official news" were that Roger and Perry left the band and after Porl would returnto The Cure . . .

But we think that Robert was unhappy with The Cure line up for different reasons.

Roger : they had different opinions . . .

Perry : maybe Robert wanted Porl in the band again and it was better that Perry left. We think that Perry had been the first guitar during more than a decade ... and if Porl returned it'd become a difficult situation for Perry (even if Perry admires Porl). He would have been a second guitar ... and this is really difficult to accept or understand.

- so Robert told us that he is now really happy with the new line up : full of energy . . .

We also spoke about football !! spanish football : Real Madrid and Valencia !! and he told us that he is still a Queen's Park Rangers' supporter.


Interesting news. I suspected pretty much all of that... 8)

I'll just make a comment about Roger. He was very into jazz. This is obvious by his solo albums and some of the stuff he did with The Cure (Gone!, for example). And then he added jazzy organ sounds to songs like Club America and 10.15 Saturday Night. This just didn't sound right to me. He was without question an incredibly talented keyboard player with near flawless technique, but I don't think he truly enjoyed a lot of their music. It wasn't really his style.

Just my thoughts.