The Cure album 2004 (vinyl disc)

Started by dsanchez, August 26, 2005, 00:22:58

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As a b-side sort of fan I have to disagree with most of the above posts. Alot of the b-sides don't fit onto the albums. Look at each album as a whole and remember that they are trying to get more fans (at least up to KMKMKM) and have a flow of songs that work together. "Another Journey By Train" is a wonderful song, but it would fit poorly on "17 Seconds". There are the exceptions (i.e. "The ExplodingBoy"). I think "Babble", "2 Late" & "Fear Of Ghosts" are superior to over half of "Disintegration", but they do not fit as well as the songs that are choosen for the album. Also a side note: "Disintegration" had 10 tracks on LP, not 8. But, I do agree that the track listing for "The Cure" is very poor. All the songs on the LP fit better as an album then the US CD does. "Thruth, Goodness & Beauty", "Going Nowhere", "Fake" & "This Mourning" should have been on the difenitive release.....
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