places of each songs DVD festival 2005

Started by darkside90, December 07, 2006, 16:47:53

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hi all
somebody know where all songs are played on the dvd:
"the cure festival 2005"
places of each songs

01 open = 05.08.2005 Benicassim
02 fascination street = 10.08.2005 Lokeren

in advance many thanks



I really haven't checked carefully, but I thought the first two songs were from Istanbul. :?

Definitely some Benicassim and Saint-Père after that.

The End of the World is from Taormina (awful footage and effects). :oops:

The Kiss is from Istanbul...

Ok, this is a really lazy summary. I'll try to figure it out exactly at a later time. ;)


lacrima mosa

on cof:

01. Open (Istanbul)
02. Fascination Street (Avenches)
03. alt.end (Saint-Malo)
04. The Blood (Saint-Malo)
05. A Night Like This (Lokeren)
06. The End of the World (Taormina)
07. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep... (Istanbul)
08. The Kiss (Istanbul)
09. Shake Dog Shake (Benicàssim)
10. Us or Them (Istanbul)
11. Never Enough (mix)
12. The Figurehead (Taormina)
13. A Strange Day (Lokeren)
14. Push (Berlin)
15. Just Like Heaven (Lokeren)
16. In Between Days (Berlin)
17. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (mix)
18. The Drowning Man (Szeged)
19. Signal to Noise (Lokeren)
20. The Baby Screams (Istanbul)
21. One Hundred Years (Benicàssim)
22. Shiver and Shake (Berlin)
23. End (Istanbul)

24. At Night (Benicàssim)
25. M (Saint-Malo)
26. Play For Today (Taormina)
27. A Forest (Saint-Malo)
28. Plainsong (Saint-Malo)
29. Disintegration (Saint-Malo)
30. Faith (Taormina)
08.10.2022 Helsinki
10.10.2022 Stockholm
12.10.2022 Oslo
13.10.2022 Göteborg
14.10.2022 Kopenhagen
16.10.2022 Hamburg
17.10.2022 Leipzig
18.10.2022 Berlin
18.11.2022 Strassburg
19.11.2022 Basel


Has anyone noticed the annoying little spot on the screen during the Berlin songs?  It drove me nuts until I realized it must have been a spot on the camera.  It is from the camera on Simon's side, on the lower side of center.  I thought there was a problem with my Plasma screen at first and was not amused!


that's a pretty annoying spot. Mind you I would have preferred that along with the camera angles provided instead of all of the shoddy "visual effects" and far-away shots on a lot of the other songs...

I'm reliving it now...