'the cure' (scrapbook '79-'85)

Started by japanesebaby, August 28, 2007, 18:05:36

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this is a bit of strange book, since no-one ever seems to know where it really came from. there's no info in the book itself about who put this together where and when - there's not even a proper name for the book, the cover says just 'the cure'. no info on the first page either.
probably some fan club thing or something?
i know similar kind of scrapbooks were published in the 80s, i've seen one about joy division that looks pretty much exactly the same:

anyway, you can still stumble on this on ebay every now and then.
it's put together from press articles, ranging from '79 to '85. some interesting early stuff (like live reviews). it's nowhere near comprehensive, just a selection of articles from that era, but iäd say worth getting if you're into documents like this.
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