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Started by heixiao, July 21, 2005, 08:06:30

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I've just listened the Bee Gees cover performed by Billy Corgan with the participation of Robert... Well, i'm a little bit disappointed. Honestly, if nobody had told me that Robert was on this song I wouldn't have recognized him... For what Robert "does" on this song, it's not very indipensable...  :?  :?
Otherwise, the Billy Corgan's album is ok, it's not as good as the Smashing Pumpkins but if you have liked the Adore album, you gonna probably like this one as well  :D
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Yeah. you can barely hear Robert's voice on that one. He just sings in the chorus. Personally I don't like this song but the Billy Corgan solo album is really good
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:) I LOVED this song! Robert doesn't have big part in the song, but his part is still AMAZING in my opinion, Robert and Billys voices together sounds so cool!!  :)