Put down your flipping phones and enjoy the show!

Started by dsanchez, April 28, 2013, 02:23:31

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The title is from a DM video I saw on YouTube. I can't understand people having their favorite band in front filiming the whole thing. Very annoying.

Play for today in the pre-digital era:

How fun it was!

What are your thoughts on the subject?
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I COMPLETELY agree.  It is a total shame to not be a part of the experience because you're just taping it.  Why bother going to the show at all if you're going to watch it through a tiny screen the whole time?  I have done a bit of concert photography, and even when I am shooting a show I try not to just shoot the whole time.  Often there's a song limit for photographers anyway, but even when there isn't I make a point of putting the camera away, especially when it's a band I really love.

I adore The Cure in Orange.  What a great concert film.  Wish I'd been there.  I did see The Cure in '89 and '92, and I'm glad it was in the era before cell phones.


This is really a sore that hardly disappear, I consider myself lucky for all the shows that I have enjoyed in the 90s.