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Started by cheyler, July 04, 2016, 05:47:47

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Someone has been uploading shows from 2008, both flac and dvd, on dimeadozen.  Nearly the entire 2008 tour.  If you love 2008, and I do, it's a treasure trove of stuff.   The European tour is missing one of the shows in Poland and the other one is only on dvd, so no audio there.  The US tour is missing five or six shows.  My favorite of all has got to be the Shrine Auditorium show in Los Angeles on June 1st 2008.  The taper was crowbi_wan and he says in the info file:

Notes: As noted in my location, I was hugging the rail in front of Porl and his
insanely loud Confords.  While not an ideal place to tape a show from, I don't
regret the experience.  Much of what this source consists of is coming straight
from the stage (amps, monitors, raw drums) and is lacking in PA.  I never quite
understood the mix of these 4tour shows with Porl mostly blasting his cabinets
and not really being amplified properly throughout the venue.  Made for some
strange sounding shows if you weren't in the right spot.  With that said, this
recording is VERY Porl heavy.  There are times when the vocals seem to be almost

This one is for Porl fans only.  It does favor Porl, no question there.  You can hear every note, every chord, (and every mistake) and if you ever wanted to know what it would be like standing on stage by Porl's amps, this will satisfy your curiosity.  It just occurred to me today, but I sure wish they'd done 'Never Enough', would have loved to hear that real loud.  There are about 125 new Cure shows on dime, many of them 2008, different versions and such.  Oh yeah, they do Faith for Simon's birthday and RS sings Happy Birthday (twice) right in the middle of it.