Robert Smith interview on BBC Radio 6 Music

Started by dsanchez, June 27, 2019, 23:14:18

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So, according to Robert, they won't play any new stuff during the summer festivals. Maybe later in the year, when they do "their own shows"...
In an instant I remembered... everything!


A very nice and frank interview, Robert sounded very jolly too!
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...still too few times and far too long since the last gig!


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So Robert says that the new album's "too slow and gloomy" to be played at a festival... a festival in which they play Plainsong, Untitled, Play For Today, A Forest, Burn, Disintegration, 39, Primary, or... One Hundred Years.
All of them are poppy songs, as we all know. Particularly Plainsong and One Hundred Years.

Either he's a liar, or the new album's a real treat that we haven't had for a very long time.

It's true that with Reeves on board, things change.

At least... I'm intrigued.

ps: btw, take a look at the new intro at the festivals. Would you say it is a Cure song?
Could be, could be not. But if yes, I'd find it even more intriguing. It does sound dark... in a "Carnage Visors meets Mixed Up" kind of dark, so to speak.


Well here's what he said:
"We ran through some of the new songs but it's really, really slow and gloomy, the new album, and we just did it in rehearsal on the first day and everyone was looking at each other and I knew what they were thinking but no-one wanted to say it.

"There is no way, it just wouldn't fit.

"Later in the year we are going to be playing our own shows and we will be playing new album songs in that show.

"I honestly think it would be a very counter productive move to walk out on stage and play 10 minutes of slow dirge in front of a summer festival crowd.

"I don't think anyone would appreciate it."
In an instant I remembered... everything!