"My Dream Comes True" by Jérémy Wulc [fr]

Started by dsanchez, December 27, 2018, 16:44:44

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Written by Jeremy Wulc on Facebook:
QuoteMy Dream Comes True is a memoir by a simple fan who was lucky enough to encounter and follow The Cure on tour for several years. In this Roadmap to The Cure, Jeremy WULC tells her story with the group, a history peppered with anecdotes and moments of magic, whose story is embellished with one hundred and twenty previously unpublished photographs, taken by the author himself . Jeremy spoken well of his first meeting with Perry Bamonte in 1989, and with Robert Smith, the other musicians and entourage Cure. He tells what he saw, heard and experienced during the after-show, the day off and evenings in the hotels. Perry Bamonte (who wrote the preface to this book) and Jason Cooper have even told some memories for this new book on one of the biggest bands in the world is more alive and intimate. Today, Jeremy is in his hundred and sixth Cure concert!

Interview (in French) with Jeremy here:


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