Robert Smith favorite movies?

Started by dsanchez, November 05, 2022, 17:34:46

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From a request Robert sent to his record company during the Wish tour we can know more about his taste in movies:

Clockwork Orange
Driller Killer
I Spit On Your Grave
Last House On The Left
Blood-Suc*ing Freaks
Filthy Richs
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
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Back in 1993 (I think it was) I managed to purchase a copy of the band's "Wish tour program". (It was obviously being sold during the tour, but I found one via a music-related mailorder). It's like a magazine with photos of the band during the rehearsals (you can see the stage as it was during the Wish tour) plus it lists the personnel involved in the tour etc.

In it Robert (and the other band members) listed their favourite movies, actors and so on.

I will list the movies he mentioned back in '92 here (he obviously has a good & broad taste in movies, as there are quite different movies listed; some I liked back then or do still like!):

Quotefilm: raging bull; apocalypse now; the tenant; 2001; brazil; altered states; taxi driver; mary poppins; eraserhead; star wars; and on...

robert de niro; william hurt; james woods; joe pesci; peter sellers; richard burton; robert duvall
marilyn monroe; audrey hepburn; beatrice dalle; sigourney weaver; bette davis
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I'd like to add that it is known that Robert and Severin were watching "horror b-movies" during the making of The Glove's album "Blue Sunshine".
(Edit:) I found a few titles in the book "Ten Imaginary Years":
RS: "...I went off to stay at Severin's flat where we'd endlessly watch videos like 'Bad Timing', 'Videodrome', 'The Brood', 'Evil Dead', 'Helicopter Spies' and 'Inferno'."

Also, it has been known that the name 'The Glove' came from the Beatles' movie "Yellow Submarine".

A Cure song directly inspired by a film Robert loved (Disney's "Aristocats"), was of course "The Lovecats"!

Additonally, I found the 1996 Swing tour program, it has a similar list as the one mentioned in the previous post (with a few more thrown in)!
QuoteFILM: the singing ringing tree / eraserhead / taxi driver / the tenant / performance / jacobs ladder / brazil / time bandits / 2001 / aguirre wrath of god / blade runner / alice in wonderland / the deer hunter / who's afraid of virgina woolfe? / mary poppins... and lots more!
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Robert Smith wearing an Eraserhead t-shirt did not go unnoticed; on FB someone calling himself "David Lynch Archivist" posted the following:

QuoteThe Cure's Robert Smith wearing an Eraserhead's Henry Spencer t-shirt during the Lost World 2022 Tour in Leeds on December 7th.
Circa 2000 on the band's website, Robert Smith had listed some of his favourite Authors, Musicians, and Films, and Eraserhead was featured on that list. It's also known that Eraserhead very much influenced the art direction of the "Lullaby" music video.
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he likes 2001 space odyssey, ummm and yea
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