Please Help Robert Smith

Started by carnagevisors, January 31, 2006, 21:26:01

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I cheated this voting :oops: and voted one more time ;-)
I'll vote next :lol:


vote again and again and again and again...

Duran's fans are making it for Taylor, but once he has a secure distance from robert they'll start voting for Rhodes.


yeah, vote again, and tell all your friends to vote... I'm sure they are doing the same...


Vote for Robert !!!!

John Taylor 35% 298 vote
Robert Smith 24% 210 vote


I voted for Robert of course!!!  8)
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hey c'mon people you have to VOTE MORE!!
it's just freaking nuts if some geek like john taylor wins over robert!!  :smt103
(i mean you don't have to be mr. spock to find that highly illogical! 8) )

VOTE! :rocker
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We have 614 registered users on this forum and little voted so far? :(  :smt091  :smt100


It's a shame... Duran Duran fans are claiming victory... and we might not even reach the final if Bryan Ferry keeps getting votes...


Someone deleted Brian Ferry from the poll...  :cry:

They say someone cheated.... but for sure they cheated the same as someone has cheated with those Duran-Duran pussies...  :twisted:

Last thursday I saw how John Taylor's results upped about 100 votes in 3-4 hours but nobody has said nothing about this another manipulation....

That poll is not clean!



just vote him,but i think that we are far away from the first place...something wrong happening there...
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Duran Duran fans had asked support in many internet sites dedicated to the we did, but it looks like they are more keen to this things than most of the cure fans are... though i'm not sure either if this support is really real...but anyway, there's no evidence of illegality about them like there was about Bryan Ferry...


Robert made it to the final. Thank you all :)


hello im curefans


Quote from: javi1984i voted to robert
????????? Vote it's closed :smt018