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Started by carliofandango, September 15, 2005, 01:13:10

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Just wondered whether anyone has seen or purchased this DVD yet..

By the looks of it, it might have some live stuff on it..

For anyone that doesn't know about it here are a couple of links.
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After Out of the Woods, I'm skeptical it has anything special... :roll:


i'd keep out of it - haven't watched it but i've heard that it has only one original tv clip from the cure & since it's a 2 dvd set that's not much...

some time ago i sent an inquiry about its contents to one auction seller & he told me that it has just this one original tv clip and otherwise "all music is performed by some other band" - i 'm not quite sure what it meant but doesn't sound promising...
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I'd read somewhere that there is only "The Tube 84" performance and the rest as "Out of the wood" is ... probably uninteresting  :lol:


DO NOT buy this DVD.

A friend of mine just bought it and we were watching it at home. Disc one has interviews to producers, managers, Curefans, etc about Cure music. They talk about the different albums, styles, origins. But there is almost nothihg interesting stuff from Cure. If I remember exactly, there are parts
of a show in 1984 and that's all. The disc two is even worst, just cure songs covered and there's a kind of windows-media player images effects on the screen...

Don't waste your money! :twisted:

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David's thoughts are identical to those expressed on Chain of Flowers. It seems pretty dreadful. Not to mention the fact that the only live performances are interrupted! That is, The Tube '84 ? which seems to appear on just about every Cure compilation DVD out there. :smt015

Save your money! :!: