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We live in Connecticut about 2 hours away so we likely taking Metro North train from New Haven, CT.
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Last post by MeltingMan - March 19, 2023, 09:21:20

QuoteThe Cure's frontman, Robert Smith, said on Thursday that Ticketmaster will provide $5 and $10 refunds to fans who purchased tickets for the band's North American tour after the band complained to the company about high fees.

In recent months, Ticketmaster faced increased criticism from ticket buyers as well as from members of Congress who accused its owner, Live Nation Entertainment, of being a monopoly that hinders competition and harms fans.

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Last post by Ulrich - March 18, 2023, 13:17:21
The ticket saga continues...
QuoteThe Cure frontman Robert Smith took on Ticketmaster and he's getting results.

The lead singer of the new wave band said Ticketmaster will be giving partial refunds after some ticket buyers for his band's US tour were charged more in service fees than for the cost of their seats.

Smith took to Twitter to explain that the lowest-priced seats will get a refund of $10 per ticket. Other ticket buyers will get a $5 refund.
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Deutsche Bahn: is it really that difficult to be on time? | ZDF zoom

We can't compare ourselves to Switzerland?! If we did, we would indeed have to hide. We're just pretending to reinvent the wheel. :1f633:  Learning from Swiss Railways means becoming more humble instead of greed and megalomania; thinking instead of ideological re-education/paternalism. Last but not least, it means respect for the customer, rather than disapproval of those who don't own a car.
I am so bummed I missed out on presale and today's sale.  Anyone have 2 extra tickets they can't use for the Chicago show? Willing to pay close to face value or above.  Please message me. 
sharing tips @CureFanDoc shared on Twitter:

QuoteDepends on 1) your budget 2) your comfort with subway travel 3) your taste in city experience. Stay south of 23rd in Chelsea, West Village, East Village, near Hudson, or Washington Square Park. The area around MSG is ugly and anything above 34th is lame. also Willaimsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick are cool and off the L train (Brooklyn). But saying in Manhattan is probably best for a short stay

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Quote from: FOCUS onlineAxel Springer is resigning from the entire "Bild" editor-in-chief. This emerges from a press release by Axel Springer. The editor-in-chief will in future consist of two instead of four people.

Marion Horn will take over as editor-in-chief with immediate effect, and Robert Schneider will become editor-in-chief of "Bild" as planned in mid-April, Axel Springer announced on Thursday in Berlin.
The current editors-in-chief Johannes Boie, Alexandra Würzbach and Claus Strunz are stepping down from their previous roles. Boie took up the post of editor-in-chief on October 18, 2021, succeeding Julian Reichelt.

Marion Horn is back - very good.  :smth023
I'm going to the MSG show on 6/20, possibly 6/21 as well depending on obtaining another ticket. Going alone, have to fly in to NY. I know no one so if anyone has any advice in terms of the best places to stay and eat let me know!
Looking forward to an amazing show!
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After these pictures I feel like I'm part of the family. A big thank you to the rights holders and everyone involved in The Shining!